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2024 Hyundai Kona N-Line

This week we were comparing different trims of the 2024 Hyundai Kona. A look at the base level Essential package versus the Ultimate trim, both dressed in their N-Line package.

This is Hyundai’s compact city SUV designed with sizing and agile of city traffic needs in mind. But for 2024, a redesigned exterior that’s bolder than ever before. The update also includes more technology and safety features for the Essential model to help make city driving a breeze.

The N-line trim stands out with its branding peppered throughout. N-Line exclusive front bumper and grill, which has both models looking premium. Sporty with 19” geometric alloy wheels and the N-Line-exclusive rear bumper and diffuser element.

Inside, the dash and front seats have the same stripe reflected on the hood and rear of the N-Line. The former, a bold red piping straight across the dash, cutting the air vents in two, and down the back of the seats in a race car-like design. A red hue that matches the stitching on both the leather and suede seats, plus steering wheel. Sporty like the paddle gear shift.

Everything is within your finger tips with both the Essential and the Ultimate trim. With push to release cup holders, drive mode adjustment knob, and seat heating and cooling options. There is a wireless charging mat with two c-cable plug in for quick changing. And on the steering wheel we have mounted audio, cruise and phone controls.

The shallower arm rest only supports the back end of your arm, raised high for a deeper, but smaller bucket compartment. Not ideal for someone who likes to rest on her arm, but the spacious cabin makes up for it. Binning is of great importance to me, as any car I drive ends up being a supplemental closet of sorts, and I could have used more storage within arm’s length for that convenience.

Both trims have a slew of safety features including assists and warnings. The difference really lies it what you can’t see. With the Ultimate having elevated features like 8 speaker Bose premium audio, rear seat privacy glass, interior ambient lighting, 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat with 2-way power lumbar support, and auto-dimming rear-view mirror. It also has an eco-mode to help you save a little at the pump. All of which are nice to haves, but definitely not essential. So the question is how long do you plan to be within your vehicle, and can all of the above make the time more enjoyable?

As for the way they handle, we found the two comparable with their quick to jerks aggressive acceleration once foot hits the pedal, and matching touch sensitive, skittery handling. Once again, in line with sports feel and appeal, but it does ware for day to day driving.

Great as a budget friendly in-city car, with 4 different builds and trims to help customize your ride to your liking.


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