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2024 Infiniti QX60 Autograph

This week we were behind the wheel of the 2024 Infiniti QX60 Autograph. A family friendly, top of the line people and cargo mover. And the ideal vehicle for our quick getaway to Squamish.

This would be our first drive up the Sea to Sky highway for the year. And what should have been a sunny day was now seeing rain and slippery conditions from the days of sun and dry before. Luckily the QX60 was well equipped to handle all that we threw at it.

Starting with my favourite, the massaging chairs for both the driver and the passenger. It isn’t meant to be deep tissue or curative, but the gentle kneading does help to alleviate a little stiffness from the elongated sitting. You have your choice of “lumbar, relaxing, and refreshing” for the settings. Relaxing is a faint poke, refreshing gives you a little more prodding and at a higher level on the back, and the lumbar offers the most pressure at the lower back. We both opted for this and at the maxed out intensity and speed.

Another perk that only added to our longer drive was the clean air in cabin button. This helped to filter stagnant odours, keeping the interior cool and our senses relaxed.

On a similar vein we couldn’t hear any of the sounds outside once all the windows were roll up. There seemed to be some noise cancellation technology in place as you can barely make out the sounds of the road under wheel as you drive along, none of the other vehicles whizzing by, or any of their motors rev-ing.

Music is also important on a longer drive and the Bose speakers in the QX60 Autograph had stadium quality sound. We got the echo from the back row giving our music depth and a surround sound feeling.

Controlling it and everything else was by touch screen interface. A modern nod and approach to echo the prestige of the vehicle, alongside its look. Equipped with a quilted dash and painted wood features for that luxe cabin feel. Everything is electric from seat to wheel adjustment. The second row seats too had their own climate control with heated seats. Just not cooling like the driver and front passenger had. There is a back third row, but honestly it is so tight with limited leg room and a hard cushion bottom that it is not recommended for longer drives.

We enjoyed the wider arm rest on the centre console. And as the front passenger I had further comfort from the window side arm rest set closer to the seat, and as such I was able to straddle both arm rest and splay out by back.

The centre console itself, has a push bottom slow release cover. Inside, is a velvet lined compartment. Within there were two rows for coins and even a clip on the lid to hold cards.

As for the way the 2024 Infiniti handled, as expected there was a bit a body rocking and swinging out with body rolls, given the size and girth of the SUV. But comparatively it was a smoother ride with minimal bumps. And it is fast, without you feeling it. A few times we caught ourselves coasting just above 100km/hr.

Thankfully the brakes were responsive when we spotted a cop, as well as for driving in the wet. The latter even so with the fresh rain that fell upon us.

For our 1.5 hour drive, the steering assist helped with fatigue driving. It and the other safety features like blind spot notification on the dash, lights, and side mirror; plus lane assist offered notifications and alerts as gentle double beeps instead of the jarring wheel take over or aggressive sirens we have heard and felt before. It felt like you were driving with the car, instead of controlling it or fighting against it. This was welcomed considering if you have never driven on the Sea to Sky highway, you are familiar with the winding curved roads and the on occasion driving out of the lines.

In short, we chose the wrong day to drive to Squamish, but at least we had the right vehicle to make it an enjoyable trip.



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