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75 West Coast Grill, #holidaycocktailchallengeyvr

Today I was in Richmond, at 75 West Coast Grill. Sent here on assignment, as one of the judges for the first ever Vancouver Foodster Holiday Cocktail Challenge. Like with all his other challenges, restaurants compete for the best creation in that category, except this one comes with a festive spin.

Walking in, I recalled being in this space once long ago. Back then when they went by another name, before their renovations in 2018. The layout was familiar, but the aesthetic brand new with modern metals and a fresh green palate.

The drink of the hour was the Raincouver Sour, their take on a whiskey sour. Canadian rye whiskey, Hungarian Golden Pear, Drambuie, egg white, rosemary & cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, and Angostura. Not overly wintery, but you feel the season though their use of honey and cinnamon and traditional festive herbs like rosemary. It gave you a spiced spice apple cider feel with caramel notes, warming flavours but shaken cold.

When I see it on any menu, I have to have it and their Fried Brussel Sprouts with truffle oil, parmesan and asiago cheeses, lemon, and balsamic glaze did not disappoint. I could have had the entire serving to myself. A great mix of crispy loose leaves and hearty half sprouts. The generous topping of cheese ensured each bite was a tasty one. Hardly got any truffle essence though.

The Fried Chili Prawns came highly recommend by the hotel manager so we had to try some. Red Thai chilli, fish sauce, pepper lime dipping sauce, and cilantro. They were light and crispy enough to eat it from tip to tail. I just would have liked the breading thicker, to act more like a crust.

I liked the Tuna Taco Nori. A one-bite sushi taco with albacore tuna, gochujang, pickled carrots, and avocado in a crispy nori cups. Each fresh and fun with a unique twist from the sweet red pepper.

We kept it appetizers and share plates only, but couldn’t help but eyeball the steak sandwich and the char grilled halibut. Maybe next time.

Instead, we indulged in their featured dessert. Another contestant competing in another Vancouver Foodster challenge. The “Sweet Surrender” was gunning for your votes in the Holiday Cake Challenge.

White and dark chocolate, pistachio, almonds, walnuts, condensed milk, fleur de sel, chocolate crisp pearls, Grand Marnier, butter, egg whites, vanilla pods, and whipping cream. The photo used on the menu didn’t do it justice. It looked like a pile of white with no dimension or depth. Whereas the actual dessert was torched and had a lovely patterned look. A point I made to the kitchen staff in hopes of helping.

The dessert itself delivered on its name. Layers of sugars and sweets to ensure you tap out before finishing the plate. Majority of it is fluffy cream with bits of spongy cake and crunchy toffee embedded throughout. Mostly condense milk in flavour. For my tastes I could have used more crunchy and solid textures over all the foamy cream.

In conclusion, this was a nice spot for a modern meal. It being part of the hotel means you get a menu that has built in broad appeal, considering all the different folks they see. And a comfortable setting and courteous staff helps add to the enjoyable visit. So be sure to stop by and try both the limited edition holiday cocktail and cake and vote for your favourite, before voting closes December 10th, 2023.

75 West Coast Grill
Vancouver Airport Marriott Hotel
7571 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3
(604) 232-2804

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