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A Taste of Africa Dinner, Hosted by Nederburg Wines

'This newer Moroccan restaurant has seen much acclaim with their traditional cuisine, served in their authentically dressed setting.

But today we were getting a different experience, “A taste of Africa” to pair with a series of “Nederburg Wines” from South Africa. 5 courses from cold and hot appetizers to dessert, each paired with a wine and a lesson in what we were drinking. Wine connoisseurs and wine lovers alike gathered together. I fall into the latter category, as I drink everything and don’t really discriminate or have a preference; although I am always down to learn more about what it is I am drinking, and tonight I would get just that.

“Moltaqa” is translated to mean “a place where people meet, gather and talk” which was certainly the sentiment of the evening. We were gathered around one of their long tables, a shared space where each setting included multiple glasses.

But our feasting and drinking started as soon as we entered the door, when we were given our first taste of “Nederburg”; and a choice between the “Wine Masters Sauvignon Blanc” or the “Wine Masters Cabernet Sauvignon”. I started out with the red, knowing the white would later be paired with our first course.

This was an easy drinking wine, one that followed well with our two vegan appetizers: endives and chickpeas and black olives. The former was a refreshing start, full of punchy flavours. And the black olives had the texture of prunes and in part their taste. Really tangy, with an all encompassing salt that hits the back of your throat. Definitely one you want to chase with red.

What was most memorable was that it was served, topped in a generous dusting of cinnamon and icing sugar, which had my mind and mouth at odds.

Before every course and before each sip of wine, we were given a prelude: what it is we were having and what it offers. First, was “Nederburg Wine Masters Sauvignon Blanc”, one of South Africa’s most awarded wines. Produced from their Wine Master’s ranch, where they own 40% of their own grapes, and have contracts with other vineyards to procure the other 60% of specific grapes that they need. Each bottle of “Nederburg” is crafted knowing exactly what grapes are required. For example, grapes grown in cooler climates tend to have more of a peppery note. And wines with grapes grown in a warmer climate tend to have more tropical ones, like that of melons and goose berry. As for how it tasted, the Sauvignon Blanc had a lovely fullness, followed by a lingering after taste. This was described to us as a “True South African Sauvignon Blanc”.

Vancouver Morroccan Cuisine
The crisp tartness of the wine went well with the crisp apple and the tart dressing that our salad start had. “Apple Arugula Salad” with Granny Smith apples and a pomegranate dressing.
Our second course proceeded with the “Heritage Heroes “Motorcycle Marvel” Rhone-Style Blend”. This bottle was named after the gentleman who looked after the vineyards, riding around on a motorcycle, keeping order. This is considered one of “Nederburg’s” super premium tier wines, it has layers of bite and a lot more spice than my first easy drinking red at the door. It is sweetened with red berry fruit, which balances out its oaky finish. This was done intentionally to ensure the woody-ness doesn’t dominate and the flavour of the grapes are able to shine.
Here, this deeper red paralleled the zestiness of our second course, the “Chicken Merguez Shakshouka”. A hand-made, hormone-free chicken sausages, cooked in a casserole without the use of oil or butter. Delicious by itself, but would be better as the feature in a rice or grain based dish.
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Our third course began with the “Heritage Heroes “The Anchorman” Chenin Blanc”. An intentionally crisp and clean white, with grapes taken from different areas, made using 4 different fermentation techniques. It is named after the man who established “Nederburg” wines in 1979. This was a fuller white with some creaminess to it. Notes of apricot, peach, and white pear; a great palette refresher in between the bites of sweet meets savoury of our third course.

“Traditional Moroccan Vegetable Pastilla”, an in house made, hand rolled, flaky pastry, filled with shredded and julienne roasted vegetables. What was most memorable was that it was served, topped in a generous dusting of cinnamon and icing sugar, which had my mind and mouth at odds.

The eyes expected one sensation and the tongue got another. And then it happened again when I bit into some sliced green olives, hidden within the filling. The olive’s pronounced flavour added another element into this confusing mix. In the end I found myself forgoing the filling altogether and being satisfied with the buttery, flaky sheets as is. I would have also loved them wrapped around figs, dates and/or nuts for more of a dessert feel.

The fourth course was everyone’s favourite. It came with a fire show and a giant pot for sharing. “Mechoui Lamb Flambé”, a whole leg of lamb braised for five hours, seasoned and flambe’d table side with cognac and grand marnier. It  was accompanied by figs and sesame seeds on a bed of couscous, confit yams and roasted vegetables. It tasted as good as it looked. Tender lamb, tasty veg, and grains to leave you feeling full.

With it we enjoyed the “Heritage Heroes “The Brew Master” Bordeaux Blend”. A dark, juicy fruit wine made to age for 10-15 years. This was a done as a tribute to the one who has pave the way for “Nederburg”.

Unfortunately I was unable to stay for the fifth course, a dessert of “Chocolate Ganache Cake with Preserved Figs”; paired with an “Amarula Pick Me Up Cocktail, High Moroccan Mint Tea, and Turkish Coffee. Shame, as figs were what I was craving above, and I am a fan of their mint tea.

In between courses, we were also treated to a show of belly dancing. A common occurrence at “Moltaqa”, a performance of beauty and grace that brings their guests deeper into the cuisine and setting. Our entertainer dawned on butterfly wings, balanced a scimitar on her head and abdomen, and invited her audience to dance with her.

In summary, this was a lovely evening, surrounding a decadent fest; offering us a unique way to discover exotic wines, that we can get, close to home. The first two wines: the Nederburg Winemasters Cabernet Sauvignon and the Nederburg Winemasters Sauvignon Blanc are both are available at any BC Liquor Stores for $13.29 a bottle! And if you purchase the red within this month of June, it on sale for $2 off at $11.29. And in August the white (Sauvignon Blanc) will then be $2 off.

As for the other wines that we got to try throughout the evening, they will be harder to find. They are “SPEC” products, which means they aren’t available in BC Liquor Stores and have to be ordered by the case. So if you are lucky, your local privately own liquor store or restaurant may have it available.

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Moltaqa Restaurant

Unique Moroccan dining experience


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