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Adam’s Crepes

Sad to say, this wasn’t our first choice, or even second or third. But when all the above didn’t pan out, we turned to Diana of @foodologyca and her recommendation for crepes. This was her favourite spot for crepes in Burnaby, and it did not disappoint.

I was in Burnaby with a friend, looking for a meal that was quick, easy, and inexpensive. My original ideas weren’t as cost effective as I had hoped, and/or didn’t accommodate dining in at the time. So not wanting to travel further out of the area (at this point we had walked around the block and relocated with no luck), I sought the suggestions of my Foodie Fam (well known and well eaten food bloggers, who I call friends. A group of trusted opinions that would able to direct me in a pinch). Immediately Diana suggested Adam’s crepes, declaring it her favourite spot for crepes. And with such high praise, how could I not try them for myself?

The shop was a one man operation, when I visited. Each crepe is made to order and everyone else there, found it worth the wait. The menu was overwhelming with options or rather filling combinations. Choose from one of their curated collections or craft your own for the perfect folded sandwich of sorts. Available in both savoury and sweet. You have the typical ingredients like deli meats, egg, and cheese. Then you can expand with the likes of olives, green onion, and brie. Similarly dessert had all the fan favourites of Nutella, peanut butter, and salted caramel. But for something more outside of the box you could turn to toasted marshmallow, ice cream, and cheesecake bits.

We ordered our savoury meal first, planning on following it with a dessert crepe. Although had to axe that plan when we wasn’t able to finish our first. In hindsight we should have shared one of each for the full experience. These are giant crepes. The wrapper is airy and thin, so the filling is what makes it. And depending on how you fill it, it eats like a meal.

My guest got the Smoked deli chicken, Brie, mushroom, and caramelized onion option. When given the option to dress it in mayo and Siracha, I highly suggest that you do. It needs the extra kick, and would be on the bland side without it. I got the Brie, potato, and mushroom crepe; also with Siracha and mayo. I tasted both, and found both similar with the overlapping ingredients and sauces.

In closing, these crepes not only taste good, but are priced reasonably as well. No complaints, and therefore are worth checking out if you are in the neighbourhood, in search of a snack.

Adam’s Crepes
5217 Rumble St, Burnaby, BC V5G 2E7
(604) 430-3125

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