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Aquafarina, crudo bar

On this warm patio day we were at Acquafarina to check out their crudo bar, located on their beautiful terrace. A tranquil and breezy space which includes chandeliers and a running water fountain.

As a promotion for their new selection of raw offerings they are gifting diners a complimentary glass of Ferrari sparkling wine (not to be confused with the sports car, no affiliation), with the first order of any of their crudo dishes. So order one of the follow dishes and be given a glass of sparkling wine to pair with it, one per person, per visit.

The Sparkling is a 100% Chardonnay giving you tart green apple on the nose and white flowering jasmine on the finish. A toasty and yeasty glass that well compliments the seafood and tartar to come.

The following was what we had and what was available from the entire crudo menu, at the time. Although their head chef is well known for mixing things up and updating the fresh sheet when inspiration or ingredients strike. So what is listed may change. Also note that many of the dishes we were served were intended for family style sharing, so they many not be what you are presented with, should you visit on a later date.

The Oyster ceviche is a show stopper with lime juice, onion, cilantro, leche de tigre, and caviar. Sourced from Fanny Bay, the kitchen is proud to announce that they the seek out the larger oysters for the creamiest texture, to further with their collection of dressings. The result is a very refreshing, yet satisfyingly rich morsel.

The Octopus salad was my favourite given how well prepared the tentacles were. Dressed in a pepper aioli with crispy shallots, cherry tomato, and avocado. A bright bite with a citrus salsa-like nuance.

The Scallop ceviche was light and on the sweeter side with a yuzu and pea spuma, cancha corn, and aioli.

The Salmon Tiradito was more fulsome and spiced with lime, a tomatillo pepper aïoli, and the accompaniment of polenta chips.

Whereas the Hamachi ceviche leaner with lime passion fruit and cured onion, on top of the same polenta chips.

For the heartiest of them all, gravitate towards the A5 wagyu tataki with dried cured tuna, and a fermented leek aioli served on a crunchy crostini.

And as a little amuse bouche to finish, we were treated with a bite of peach marshmallow and what looked like a truffle but was a fudge chew.

Overall, wonderful smaller bites to ignite the appetite and best when accompanied by a complimentary glass of sparkling to set the mood.

425 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6B 5A1, Canada
+1 604-558-3099

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