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Arc, wagyu burger

Today we were getting a behind the scenes look at Fairmont Waterfront’s latest collaboration. This is time for the nicer weather, and corresponds to the entire property’s menu update, (an occasion that occurs 3-4 times a year).

Along with this overhaul is a luxury burger worth coming downtown for. This is their straight-forward-ly named “Wagyu Burger”, in collaboration with social media sensation Chef Laurent Dagenais. Laurent is known for his colourful and decadent recipes, which he creates with such flair online. His latest video has he and ARC Executive Chef Adam Middleton’s preparing this burger from scratch. Wagyu beef, fried egg, bacon, caramelized onion, and foie gras; between a brioche bun.

We were invited to watch this burger come to life on the roof top gardens of Fairmont Waterfront. A treat in itself as I have yet to visit and it is not available for public consumption. It is only open to those staying at the historic property.

Through the third floor gym, and past their roof top heated pool is a garden oasis. A sea of green that includes fruit trees, hedges, shrubbery, flowers, and vegetables. Fairmont Waterfront was actually to first to have a green roof like this, starting it up in 1995 and growing their own produce. There isn’t enough crop to feed the restaurant, but it has been useful as a mentoring tool, showing appreciation for the time and work it takes to grow quality vegetables like lettuce, tomato, and rosemary.

And amongst it all was Chef Adam Middleton, set up with a portable kitchen that included a butane stove top and cast iron griddles. He was ready and prepared to present a hands-on demo of how they create this “viral” burger.

Chef was proud to announce that their Wagyu Burger is BC-based, featuring several elements from their favourite local family farms and suppliers who value great quality and sustainability like they do. This includes Wagyu Beef from Hiro Wagyu Farm, located in the Fraser Valley, and sourced from Two Rivers. Hiro wagyu is unique that they only have available 2-3 pure bread cows a month.

The Foie Gras is sustainable and along with the Double Smoked Bacon, also hails from Two Rivers Meats in North Vancouver. The Eggs are plucked from Rabbit River Farms in Richmond, BC, and the fluffy Brioche Flour Bun that sandwiches them all is from Portofino Bakery in Victoria, BC.

There is no green or vegetable in this, as this is the type of burger you eat after a night of drinking or to help cure what ails you the morning after. A greasy and messy, two handed beast that just satisfy.

I can contest, as I came hungry and was able to finish it all in under 3 minutes. I needed a cloth napkin and wet ones wipes. I could not put it down for fear of it falling apart, and there was sauce all over my hands as a result. The patty was softened beef, given moisture through a heaping of sweet caramelized onion relish on either ends of the buns. No condiments, the flavour comes from every element. From the salt and pepper seasoned wagyu, the double slices of sharp cheddar cheese, the rich and gamey Foie gras, and the buttery burger buns. Really decadent and one to try.

They just launched it this past Wednesday and it will be around until summer, with limited quantities available per day. And interestingly enough so far, majority of the sales have been for room service orders.

If this is just a taste of what they have on their updated menu, I cannot wait to return to explore what else they have in house. I hear there is also a fried chicken sandwich worth trying. A thick breaded cutlet drizzled over with their own housemade stadium style, liquid nacho sauce

And rumour has it, they will be opening this roof top patio to the public via a series of set dinners. Three intimate dinners with only 30 seats available for each and the exclusive ability to enjoy more of Chef Adam’s delicious gourmet cuisine in such a unique setting. Surrounded by nature, separated from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets below and soaring skyscrapers in the distance. Be sure to stay tuned for that, as I am sure it is one not to be missed as well.

ARC Restaurant
900 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 3L5

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