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Little Caesars, The Batman Calzony

It is not often that Canada gets to be part of a promotion such as this, so I had to try it for myself. In collaboration with the new Batman movie (the Robert Pattinson version of the dark knight), long standing pizza chain: Little Caesars is offering customers the ability to purchase a pizza – calzone hybrid, shaped like the Batman logo. The limited release menu item was made available as of January 31st, 2022, with the movie releasing on March 4th, 2022.

Looking for the ideal meal to pair with beers during the latest UFC line up, I knew this was the night to get this speciality pizza. Given that our order was after 10pm, we were unable to select delivery on their own website, so looked to third party food delivery apps. Uber Eats only serviced one Little Caesar’s location, but it was in Vancouver, and far from us in Burnaby. Luckily Door Dash came to the rescue with the ability to order with a mere 35 minute wait.

The Batman Calzony is part Pepperoni pizza and part Parmesan and butter calzone filled with Garlic White Sauce, Cheese and Julienne Pepperoni. Served with their Crazy Sauce.

Having ordered the pizza myself, (and not just relying on photos off the internet), I can say that this representation of the logo is very liberal. A series of specific cuts and folds to create two points at either ends of a regular circular pizza. Which is then folded in on itself, after being stuffed with cheese and thick slices of pepperoni.

I liked the idea of having two items in one, but would have liked more of the calzone, versus the regular pepperoni pizza, which we found bland. Although Little Caesars has never been my number one go to for pizza, and having tried it today, that is still the case. Thankfully the order comes with Crazy Sauce, which is their mild marinara-like tomato dipping sauce. It definitely gave the pie some flavour, but I prefer white based sauces more. Luckily I ordered them all.

I appreciate the diversity of Little Caesar’s dip list. Each in individual tubs for easy dipping. Caesar ranch is my go-to and favourite, it always has me wondering why I am bothering with the other dips. Second would be the creamy garlic as I prefer the white cream based dips over the cheesy and more flavourful others like spicy cheddar and/or bbq ranch. Both of which don’t necessarily match the pizza itself or contrast it it a nice opposite, enhancing kind of way.

I typically only visit Little Caesars for the Crazy Bread, which today was sadly the worst rendition I have ever had of it. Whereas upon reflection all the other times were always consistent despite location, time, or staffed employees. Here, the bread sticks were not baked though. They were slightly raw and very doughy. And each stick didn’t have as much Parmesan coating as it usually does. Luckily we have an air fryer which helped cook each further and fully. And I ordered enough sauces to mask any additional disappointment. Though it just wasn’t the same and doubly disappointing as I greedily ordered two bags, not wanting to share one between my guest and I.

The surprise winner of the night were the wings. I ordered them wanting a side to help change the taste and move away from dough, in between bites. They were meaty on the bone, and hot Buffalo wing was a great choice. Tangy and zesty it didn’t need any dips.

In closing, I love the promotion, it is fun and creative for fans of either brand. And at $9.99 for this novelty pie and collector box, why not? As for food-wise, I will continue to visit Little Caesars for the Crazy Bread, but it will be a while to my next craving given how doubly disappointing this delivery order was.

Little Caesars Pizza
2080 Hastings Street East, Vancouver, BC V5L 1T8
(604) 558-3997

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