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BeetBox Veg

A little while back, for International waffle day, I was invited down to BeetBox, to try their vegan take on the classic. Their plant based Chick’un and waffles were for one day only, but I decided to take the opportunity to try more on their proudly all vegan, 100% plant based menu.

I have had the pleasure of enjoying them on a picnic, but never dine in at their actual store front on Davie Street. The space is small, but fun. They play with colours as bricks on their floating counter are polka dotted with pastel hues, a citrus coloured mural centres the room, and their electronic menu showcases their living fruit and vegetable mascots. These characters also make an adorable appearance around the room, hidden in surprise.

You order at the counter and pay, then your items come served in take out boxes on cafeteria trays. Handy, considering the food is deceptively filling and we left with much leftovers.

No longer available, but worth discussing is the above mentioned Fried Chick-Un Sandwich. Keep an eye out for this menu item, should it return. BeetBox has honestly the best vegan fried chicken I have had to date. The shredded texture is spookily accurate and the seasoning of their breading can carry its own. And when you pair it with crispy and chewy vegan waffles dressed with pickled jalapeños, a hemp seed dressing, and spiced maple syrup you have yourself a winning dish.

But in the mean while diners can still enjoy their chick’un in either of their two chick’un sandwich options. Both are prepared with breaded and fried seitan (made from gluten, the main protein of wheat), miso aioli, ice berg lettuce and spicy pickled cucumber. But the Nashville Fried Chick-Un Sandwich has its seitan tossed in a spicy chilli oil. Truthfully I liked the spicy Nashville version for the flavourful heat, where as without it, the regular version left a weird taste in my mouth. Not bad, just not a flavour you would expect from the description above. I think it could have been too much of the miso aioli that I didn’t find jibing all that well. But alone they chick’un patty was top notch (as it was with the waffles; same cut, same seasoning). The thick crispy breading is what really sells it. I just could have used more sauce to better highlight the fresh greens and buttery bun.

And if you are going to do burgers or sandwiches you will need a side. Here, the Crispy Onion Rings should not be missed. Sweet white onions, breaded in the same chick’un coating, but dressed with a chipotle aioli and curry salt to finish. BeetBox knows how to deep fry and lands their texture, because this too has the perfect crisp. And it even held from the first bite of the meal to the last.

But if I am going to visit them on the regular, my go to order would have to be their Crispy Cauliflower Bowl. More perfectly fried vegetable surrounded by marinated cucumbers, a tahini-like slaw, and brown rice; all topped with a spicy peanut sesame dressing. First bite and I was hooked. Who knew nut free, seed free, soy free, and gluten free could be this tasty.

In closing, if you are looking for a solid vegan fast food spot, BeetBox should be your go to, with much more in store to try. They also have chilli bowls and fries, hearty sandwiches, chick’un nuggets, and a jerk tempeh and taco bowl worth considering.

BeetBox Veg
1074 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1M3
(604) 233-8269

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