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Bella Gelateria, fall menu

It is cozy season. The days are shorter and the weather cooler, and one of the city’s favourite gelato places is flipping the scrip on their artisan gelato.

This fall Bella Gelateria has 3 new, completely customizable drink options. Choose to have your favourite gelato as either a coffee, a hot chocolate, or as a classic milkshake.

The classic affogatto combines their Lavazza espresso with your choice of gelato on rotation. This is a pick me up sweetened and flavoured with gelato instead of milk and simple syrup. We went with pistachio, but could have just as easily gone white coffee for a double shot. Or maybe the roasted almond and pesaro cherry for a subtle kick of flavour.

In a similar application they have a hot chocolate that gives you the option of type of chocolate and what gelato you want to combine with it. Between white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark or extra dark chocolate we went with the dark to pair with our seasonal scoop of pumpkin gelato. The hot chocolate comes as a much larger serving, so I would recommend sharing. Another mash up I would have liked to try is to pair their white hot chocolate with their organic match green tea, or their seasonal Bailey’s Irish cream with the milk chocolate option.

The last new beverage offering is served cold. An Italian ice cream made from any gelato. We went ube for a light and creamy beverage that turned out to be our favourite of the three.

In conclusion, is great to see businesses adapting and ebbing to serve their customers, with more options in this ever evolving landscape.

Bella Gelateria
1001 W Cordova St, Vancouver, BC V6C 0B7
(604) 569-1010

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