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Bella Gelateria Metrotown, December’s flavours of the month

The weather may be dreadful but this holiday season, the hustle and bustle of an indoor mall helps to keep you warm and looking for a treat, in between shopping excursions.

And thankfully Bella Gelateria is here to help. Located within Metrotown, this kiosk is doling out cupfuls of their award winning gelato and coffees for those in need of a break. Grab your favourite flavour to go. Or enjoy it as an adffogato, as you pull up a seat and rest.

Better known by their flagship store in Coal Harbour, this express location allows those wanting a taste of the good stuff, a chance to get it within Burnaby; avoiding the lengthy commute to downtown Vancouver’s core. Since their inception in 2010 Bella Gelateria has been garnering international acclaim for their prized gelatos. Whereas ice cream is made with cream, gelato is made with whole milk, meaning there is less air fluffing it up. And the secret to Bella’s success is their ability to churn their gelato with 50% less air. And without said air getting in the way, their gelatos are able to grapple a-lot more intense flavouring.

And this holiday month they have 4 new gelatos worth celebrating and trying. Starting with the classic winter flavour of Egg Nog. Their egg nog gelato is comprised of whole egg yolk, cinnamon, cloves, and vanilla; whipped furiously for the velvety smooth texture they are known for. You definitely get all the enjoyable essence of egg nog, without the overwhelming spice or the after taste, that I find is common with the carton-ed beverage.

The Ivory white chocolate features a luxury brand of white chocolate chips sourced from France. Surprisingly, this lush dairy cream, with a custard texture, wasn’t too sweet. It did get a little intense lick after lick. And could have used a ribbon of syrup or a topping to help change the taste, and create renewed interest midway. The intention is to have each scoop of the Ivory topped with organic roasted and salted pecans. But sadly ours came without, and I only realized that was the case in writing this review. The pecans would have ideally cut into the one tone flavour, to help add some heat and some crunch.

I liked the Pandoro the most out of the 4 new flavours. Pandoro is a traditional Italian sweet bread, most popular around Christmas and New Year. And for those who have tried it, this gelato is a very accurate remake. In addition to mixing the vanilla based cake into the gelato itself, pieces of it are sprinkled over top as well. I just wish there were more fluffy pieces to nibble on throughout.

And last but not least, this one is for the chocolate lovers and the cocoa worshippers. The Noir Fondant is 99% chocolate and a healthier gelato option. With no sugar or butter, it is literally 99% chocolate you get what you pay for! So dense, so rice, so decadent. It licks like a softened fudge, but in a chocolate flavour that is more refined, with bitter notes that don’t bother.

For those who wish to take their treat to go, I can confirm their gelato and cones hold up within their styrofoam to-go boxes. It may melt on your way home, but give it a few hours in the freezer, and it is just as good as how your remembered it, during your first lick or bite. Without all that additional air, when your gelato refreezes you aren’t left with freezer burn or addition water in the mix.

In short, with 2 locations to serve you and another in the works, Bella Gelateria continues to be a Vancouverite favourite. And with new flavours and more being added and rotated, you can be sure there is something for everyone, and plenty of reasons to return time and time again, all year round.

Bella Gelateria Metrotown
K3 Metropolitan
Metrotown 4700, Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 4N2
(604) 283-9926

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