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Bella Sushi

Sometimes it is not about the quality, sometimes it is just about quantity; and that is where all you can eat restaurants come in handy.

When was the last time you had all you can eat? There aren’t many places offering it, besides Japanese restaurants with sushi. And today we were in North Vancouver to try Bella Sushi’s all you can eat lunch.

The setting is fun with plenty of ornaments and decorations to take your gaze and distract your eyes. It was all more attention grabbing than the dishes themselves. Notable pieces include a faux cherry blossom tree, a collection of lanterns shaped in red balls and fish, and bamboo.

Bella Sushi actually has 2 all you can eat menus to choose from: lunch and dinner. Lunch is $32.99 per person Monday to Thursday, but $2 more if you visit on the weekend, Friday to Sunday.

Whereas for dinner it is $10 more, but with more options, including items from the robata grill. You also see more premium ingredients like unagi, pork belly, tobiko, and toro in use.

I won’t go into how each dish we ordered tasted, as honestly it was all pretty average at best. However, you know what you are getting for the price you get to pay.

Instead, here are my tips on how to maximize your all you can eat experience for the greatest value, and to not illicit their leftover food charge. There is a $10 penalty per customer for food unfinished. And even if you pay it, you still can’t pack it to take home with you.

I like to start cautiously for my first round. To get a feel of the portion size and how much you can actually eat. But don’t worry you can order and eat more, and have 90 minutes to do so.

Like any workout, you need to warm up when eating. The easiest way to warm up your belly is with hot liquids, to help open up the appetite.

I suggest hot tea over beers and sugary drinks like pop that fills with carbonation. Or even miso soup, as a sushi staple.

I recommending ordering items one piece at a time like nigiri and cones. This way you get a taste without having to commit to a 3 piece roll.

I was impressed by how much filing each cone had, from top to tip.

Or better yet go for the sashimi that is without the filler of rice. Not the freshest fish, but a decent option given the price.

Similarly, go for their teriyaki, it comes without rice just beef, tofu, or chicken. Once again, you aren’t going to get gourmet, but it fills the belly. This was overcooked and dried.

The chicken kaarage was better. Starchy breading that was crispy, the meat hot to its centre, all coated in a tasty miso sauce.

Skip the dynamite roll and just order shrimp tempura and eat it in conjunction with a regular roll for the texture of rice.

You can do the same for the vegetable tempura. The tempura was lovely and crisp, not greasy.

Overall, this is the Japanese food you think of when you look to neighbourhood sushi spot. Not the best, but affordable and you walk away full. This would be a fun option for a night out with friends. Saving money on food and spending it on drinks.

Sushi Bella North Vancouver
152 Lonsdale Ave, North Vancouver, BC V7M 2E8
(604) 987-8633

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