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Birdies, winter menu 2023

It is holiday season, which means people are looking for cozy corners to enjoy a meal with friends at. And Burnaby’s own Birdie’s is looking to be your escape from winter blues, with their California warm vibes all throughout the season. Not quite set up for the festive holidays yet, but they do have new drinks and new menu items to entice you in.

As per most larger group visits, your dinner has to start with their Bird Bath for the table. A help yourself tap dispenser of either lime or strawberry margarita, with the cups and their rims coming pre-salted. These are a fun way to set your tone and intentions for the night.

Looking for one cocktail instead of five in one? Then direct your attention to one of their new drink options.

The Strawberry Sour Margarita was much more sweeter than the name suggested, thanks to the creamy egg white foam. Cuervo Tradicional, triple sec, egg whites, and strawberry.

The Spicy Verdita Margarita was on a similar vein, but with savoury and spicy notes instead. Cuervo Tradicional, verdita, pineapple, jalapeño, and lime.

But the table’s favourite was the Nitro Espresso Martini. A classic with plenty of potent punch from both the coffee and the spirit.

For food, the table would share a couple of small plates starting with the Oh So Sticky Korean Ribs. These delivered on their name and had us licking our fingers clean. Fall off the bone, tender ribs that covered sweet, sour, and savoury with gochujang sauce, chilli, and crispy onions.

I absolutely adored the Whipped Eggplant Dip. Charred eggplant, creme friache, puccia bread, and za’atar spice. The flatbread came puffed up fresh from the oven. Upon the first tear, all the heat and steam from centre released in quite the spectacle. This was the perfect vehicle to scoop up the velvetiest eggplant dip I have ever had. I will come back just for the dip, writing about it now I want this dip.

The Baja Fish Tacos are crispy battered pacific cod over warm tortillas, topped with a pineapple jalapeño salsa, avocado crema, and cholula hot sauce. Tasty, but not as memorable, they are a staple on most casual chain restaurant menus. Worth mentioning is that they also have fish and chips new to their menu. And the flaky fish here would be the same quality that you get there. Crispy light fish with plenty of textured topping for a nice crisp and crunch to play off of the soft tortilla. The hot sauce was an option, but the table felt it tasty enough without it.

For entrees we each grabbed our own. The Southwest Chicken Bowl is a good one for a leaner, yet satisfying meal. Marinated chicken breast, spiced rice, avocado, pickled shallot, red cabbage, black beans, charred corn, feta, and salsa verde. Hearty and filling with plenty of elements to help you build the perfect bite, and keep you interested for the entire plate.

I went for the Kick’n Fried Chicken Sandwich. Hot fried chicken thigh, lemon slaw, sweet pickle, and honey mustard mayonnaise; on a toasted brioche bun. This was a solid crispy fried chicken sandwich with a large piece of chicken, plenty of creamy slaw and tart pickles to brighten up each bite. Paired with yam fries over regular fries or a salad, for a nice break in between bites.

But the table liked the Rigatoni Arrabbiata the most. Pan seared chicken, chilli tomato sauce, confit eggplant, and Grana Padano over rigatoni pasta. This was the classic flavour of sweet tomato over firm chewy pasta.

For dessert we shared all three options. The Key Lime Bar was tart with fresh key lime juice, buttery with graham crumble, and finished on the sweeter side with chantilly cream.

The table’s favourite was the Tiramisu. A generous serving of smooth sumptuous cream. Ideal for those who like to lick their spoon clean. Ladyfingers, chocolate shavings, and chantilly cream.

I liked the Soft Serve Sundae. A more traditional sundae with vanilla swirl, salted caramel, dark chocolate, and a candied walnut crumble. You break into the chocolate shell to reveal a dense icy bite, offset by the bits of nuts.

In closing, it is always a good time for Birdies with plenty of drinks, fun dessert options, plus a broad menu to serve all appetites.

Birdies Eats & Drinks
3850 Lougheed Hwy., Burnaby, BC V5C 6N4
(236) 427-8902

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