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Brodeur’s Bistro

We had planned a trip out to Chilliwack, so though to break the nearly 100km drive by stopping for brunch along the way. Joyce of @monkeyeatsworld had suggested Brodeur’s Bistro, based on another fellow foodie visiting, so here we were.

I liked how the spot was New Orleans and Montreal themed, in decor and menu selection. There isn’t any other restaurant with that same theme in BC, as far as I know. The menu was your typical causal chain affair with sandwiches, soups, burgers, and fries. We would both lean towards New Orleans cuisine over Montreal.

Joyce ordered the Jambalaya, just without the creme fraiche to make it dairy free. This was a hearty mix of shrimp, chicken, andouille sausage, bacon, sweet peppers, corn, beans, onion, and celery on Cajun rice. It was tasty with a warming spice, your standard fare. A little heavy for breakfast, and would have been better with beer for lunch.

I went back and forth on the Chicken and Waffles or Brodeur’s Cordon Bleu out of personal preference, but felt I should get something from one of the cuisines that they are known for. So then it was either tourtiere or Montreal smoke meat sandwich, but I find both far too meat heavy. So I eventually ended at the po boys.

The Blackened Catfish Po Boy featured lightly spiced fish, greens, onion, tomato, and Cajun remoulade. With it you can choose your own side from a list of 27. It was an overwhelming selection as most of the options are actually available as a full serving on the regular menu, but made more compact here. I eventually went for the salad because I was craving freshness, good thing too, as this turned out to be my favourite thing from our meal. More on that later. The sandwich was pretty generic. There was great seasoning on the fish with its salty crust, but it didn’t have enough balance with the tomato and greens alone. Here, I would have liked a creamy slaw, instead of the quick to wilt arugula.

The Louisiana Crispy Tortilla Salad on the side gave me the freshness my body was seeking. Avocado, mixed cheeses, cabbage,
Pico de Gallo, and corn. This wasn’t the full version as it was missing the bean salad and it had cabbage instead of field greens, but it all came together with the lime dressing. Served on the side, you took as much as you wanted and adjusted. It ate with a coleslaw quality to it, and in hindsight I should have added the additional dressing to my sandwich above. For the salad, I especially liked pinching off pieces of the edible bowl it sat it, it gave you a new texture and taste to keep bites interesting.

In short, this was a unique choice in Abbotsford, and judging on the people that flocked in this Sunday, they are certainly a fan favourite. (Be warned they do get backed up, as we waited 30 minutes plus for our food, but before I could get upset, Joyce reminded be of how short the hospitality industry is currently and that my patience is supporting this industry that has been so severely gutted).

Having said that, I still stand by the following: with so many delicious options in Vancouver and lower mainland, I don’t think I would ever drive all the way out here for another go.

Brodeur’s Bistro
3550 Mount Lehman Rd, Abbotsford, BC V4X 2M9
(604) 746-5900

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