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Club Cafe

Today we were introduced to a new cafe trying to offer something new to the quick grab-and-go coffee house scene. Their premise is quality coffee you can easily order from your phone, for your busy life.

Currently you scan a QR code to place your order, but I have been informed that their website and app ordering platform is in the works, with the interface being all the same. No long sign up needed, you just enter your phone number and get a pin, then never need to login again upon subsequent visits, as the cookies and information stay saved on your phone. A catalog of all that you have once ordered accessible to reorder in the future.

We visited on the weekend, where such high-speed ordering is not necessarily a necessity. As during the weekend they see more tourists and capture many random individuals from off of the streets. Monday to Friday is where this streamlined process comes in handy.

They are currently in the process of networking, sourcing local coffee and baked goods to stock their shelves and refrigerator unit. All with the goal of supporting local and curating a specific menu that works best for their downtown business clientele. This currently included coffee beans from Nemesis Coffee, bottled drinks from Loop and Farming Karma; plus healthy salad and rice bowls from The Juice Truck, Two Guys with Knives, and Kokomo to come. They are committed to sourcing out unique brands and having a full inclusive menu with vegan, gluten-free, and diary-free options. Bringing all the above together for a great selection, regardless of your tastes and dietary requirements. Much like a cantina, where none of the food and drinks are exclusive to them, but the ability to assess it all under one roof is.

What does make them unique is the way they prepare their coffees. The owners were proud to point out the state-of-the-art appliances they have equipped their cafe with, which allows them precision in their hot beverages preparation. And the way everything is laid out for speedy service with no bottlenecks behind the counter.

The process is manual when it comes to the grinding of the beans and the steeping of the espresso. They go so far as to use a leavener to even out the grinds and a specialty programmed temper to apply just the right amount of pressure to pack it in tight.

But when it comes to dispensing the exact amount of milk and then steaming it to the perfect consistency, this part of the coffee preparation is automated. They do this by adopting specialized cups and carafes that are programmed and calibrated to the aforementioned device. A push of a button gives you oak milk for a latte, another gives you skim milk for a flat white. The process is finished off with the barista hand pouring foamy milk into coffee to create picturesque latte art.

And speaking of flat whites, for the coffee purists, Cafe Club has taken the extra step to order the correct size of cup for the traditional 6oz coffee. And apparently are one of the first cafes to have it as such. This 6oz paper cup is proudly displayed alongside all their others, each with its own unique character.

And for those who like their coffee cold, Cafe Club also has their own Nitro machine, which they shipped from Toronto. With it they can make their cold brews into nitro, to order. Whereas other shops use a canister, this machine uses atmospheric pressure in the air to charge the make of their coffees smoother.

Not only do their coffees get this level of care. All their teas are powdered milled leaves from Paragon. We got a firsthand taste of its quality in their popular London Fog with its rounded and softer, dessert-like finish. Not just quality in the teas used, but the London Fog also features house made syrups for that extra layer of care. Their vanilla syrup is made using real Madagascar vanilla and the lavender is infused in dark sugar. We didn’t get to try it during this visit, but another popular non-coffee offering is their Salted hojicha.

In conclusion, if you are looking for coffee from those who appreciate it as deeply and as fondly as you do, you need to seek out Cafe Club. Efficient ordering with streamline coffee preparation, and a meticulously curated assortment of popular pastries to pair with it.

Cafe Club
1018 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC

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    1. Becky Tostenson

      This place gave my boyfriend food poisoning. It should be out of business. They aren’t nice people based on our experience there. This place is as phoney as all their online reviews, it’s ghetto, cheap and unprofessional.

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