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CoCo Tea X Diablo IV

As a big fan of Blizzard’s Diablo since the very first PC game, I have been going hard on the fourth instalment featuring the devil’s daughter in sin, Lilith. At this point we have already beaten the game in Eternal mode and are on our second season, and 3rd character build. I myself with a level 60-ish Poison Rogue, 80-ish Bone Necromancer, and now level 50-ish Ice Sorceress.

So when I heard that my go-to brand of bubble tea was doing a world wide collaboration, I had to get in on it. The teaser mentioned Diablo themed drinks and some collectable merchandise in and out of game to go with it.

I ended up at one of the Richmond location, each dawning some nod to the collaboration. Here it was window decals of playable characters. At other places full sized character cut-outs.

The promotion is posted on the wall and mentioned beside the counter for easy ordering. They have two combos either one of the two limited edition drinks, or a limited edition drink plus your favourite classic drink. Included in each bundle is a collectable drink sleeve, either of Lilith or the Arch Angel and a scratch card with in-game redeemable transmog. If you get the second bundle with 2 drinks you get a postcard as well. And other locations they even have stickers.

Sadly during my visit, there was some confusion and I only walked away with the sleeve. When I inquired to the other branded items above the staff said they didn’t have any left. This ended up being miscommunication and the store manager did reach out to extend an apology and offer two cards with codes in lieu. Sadly, I did not want to take the 50 minutes to drive back to claim the physical prize so had to settle with just a photo of the code, I would later redeem. The prize, a skin for one of four possible weapons that you can equip as a cosmetic.

As for the postcard and the stickers, I don’t know what I never had, but they would have been fun keepsake mementos to have of the game, and this era in my life.

As for the drinks themselves the Frozen Orb is a colourful concoction of blue, yellow, green and brown. A unique blend of Green Tea, Mango Syrup and Blue Curacao, topped with Sago and Coconut Jelly, and crowned with a layer of Cola. Upon the first sip you don’t know what to make of it. Like a fizzy cotton candy and lemon cola mix. A flavour you like the more you drink, with a fizzy pop that keeps you coming back for more. The best part is all the bits at the bottom you can tongue and chew through.

The second option is Lilith’s Advocate featuring CoCo’s Milk Tea and Salty Cream with pearls, finished with a drizzle of Chocolate and Strawberry Syrup. It has the texture and taste of chocolate milk with just a hint of strawberry. I liked the addition of the salty cream to balance out all the sweetness. And the tapioca pearls are always fun to chew on.

The CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice and popular online action role-playing game, Diablo IV by Blizzard Entertainment collaboration started on October 28th, 2023 and will continue until supplies run out. This collaboration extends not only to Greater Vancouver, but also to numerous cities nationwide.

Blundell Centre
140-8100 No.2 Rd, Richmond, BC V7C 1H8

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