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Cookies by George

In a landscape of giant croissants that can’t be dipped into a regular sized coffee, cakes designed for stabbing, and chocolates you have to break into with a wooden mallet, where do you find something more classic?

The long standing Cookies by George is still offering their traditionally made and baked cookies, at their last standing location within Royal Centre, downtown Vancouver.

Ideal for gift giving: be it an office farewell, a congratulatory promotion, or a birthday celebration. They also make for a great Valentines Day gift, or a box to bring and share for any upcoming Lunar New Year meals.

In this post we visited first thing when they opened, in order to obtain the freshest cookies, still warm at their centre. You easily order with your eyes, from behind a glass showcase where the cookies are presented just as they are baked; with plenty of space in between one another.

You can order them piecemeal, or as a dozen, packaged in any of their display boxes with accompanying toys. I thought it fun to have them packed up in a flower box, with a novelty card reading a similar sentiment. “Because you can’t eat flowers”. There are plenty of such funny and cute notes to finish off your order. Or if you don’t see what you like, you can custom write your own.

As I mentioned earlier, the cookies here are not overly complicated, but focused on doing the classic flavours well.

Those who know me, know that I am not a fan of dessert or sweets, so my recommendation for this cookie brand should carry a heavier merit. I honestly enjoyed them and ate half the box, working my way through all the flavours and finding my favourite. This was a three day affair and each the cookie was just as good as the last, the previous day. And for that fresh out of the oven feel, I easily popped one into the microwave for 5 seconds. There is something in the batter that makes each cookie round and moist at its centre. So the question is what toppings will you have with it.

I won’t review them all, but instead offer the highlights. The Peanut butter cookie was my favourite, as a big fan of peanut butter. I just could have used more crunchy nuts in the mix.

The Cappuccino smelled like a coffee crisp bar with crispy coffee grinds. Overall sweeter than bitter.

The Macadamia nut had more fluffy cookie base than nut slivers, which is what I prefer. Generous with the white chocolate.

The Oatmeal was sweeter than I expected, almost citrusy and not the lumpy oatmeal that I am familiar with. I would have liked the classic raisin and cinnamon combination though.

The Double chocolate gave you hard bits with the almond halves, all surrounded by slightly bitter chocolate.

The Ginger and molasses was like a ginger snap, but without the snap, substituting it for their chewy cookie dough bake.

And their Chocolate Chip was nostalgic, reminding me of childhood and store bought cookies, but at a heighten level.

Simple is sometimes best, and here it is key. A great option for your gift giving needs and sure to please the giftee.

Cookies By George
Royal Centre
1055 W Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3P2
(604) 685-8867

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