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Country Vines Winery

Located within the Richmond Country Farm’s property, past their fresh fruit and vegetable market, and their sprawling farm fields lies this quaint winery. I did not know there was a winery in Richmond, let alone one so easily accessible on No. 6 Road.

The winery itself is carved from a two story country home with a tented outdoor bar. Most pause here to take advantage of their $5 tastings. However, on this this warm summer day, we decided to enjoy a flight of their wines instead.

You enter the house and make your way past the tower of bottles available for purchase in the foyer. Country Vine’s wine collection is cleverly put on display in crates, that wrap around the curvature of the ascending staircase. Past that is the check out counter and would-be living room. There, is where you place your drink order and pay.

Each tasting flight is $10 and well worth the decent price. Not only do you start off with a 5oz glass, but get to work your way through 4 more of their wines, served in miniature decanters on a wooden paddle for presentation. Your choices are between a rotating white, red, or mixed flight. We would share the former two.

Seating is self served and not busy this Saturday. Therefore we helped ourselves to their feature arrangement, by the outdoor pizza oven/kitchen not it use. Although I would love to return to try whatever they would have made out here.

Our chosen seats and matching table were a conversation starter. Varnished, glossy wood pieces, kept intentionally irregular. They weren’t particularly comfortable with their lack of back support, but they were eye catching, especially set against the back drop of stacked barrels and creeping grape vines (hence the winery’s name). For a more relaxed seating arrangement there are also high tops and outdoor couches set under a wooden terrace.

All the above is within eyeshot of the farm’s wildlife. In the distance we heard the braying of a donkey and the crow of a rooster. We watched fancy chicken make themselves at home wherever they roamed, and goats being photographed by farm goers.

In short, come for the wine and a good time with plenty to see and talk about. We enjoyed our visit so much that we picked up a bottle of their Yee Haw white to reminisce later, and were sure to visited the animals above on our way out.

Country Vines Winery
13060 Steveston Hwy, Richmond, BC V6W 1A3
(604) 274-9610

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