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Crackle Creme

It has been a while since I have visited Crackle Creme. However when my dinner ends in the neighbourhood, I always seem to find myself here. Here, at this dedicated dessert shop specializing in flavoured creme burlee and cute character macarons. We would pass on the latter and focus our efforts on the former.

Their selection of creme burlee is organized into one of three categories: vegan, liquor, and everything else. Each premade and kept refrigerated, but topped or torched to order. Half the fun is hearing the sizzle of the torch as it turns grains of sugar into a solid shard. A covering over the creme in ramekin, that you know you will soon after get to break through.

When I see durian, I gravitate towards it. Luckily my co-diner was Sherman of @shermansfoodadventures, and he was not apposed to the pungent fruit. It smelled and tasted like my childhood. Not over powering, but in line with the more mild flavour of burlee.

I had to try one of the liquor options as well. My first choice of lychee vodka was sold out, so we went for the Bourbon butterscotch. It was a warming mix. The richness of the spirit was well balanced by the sweetness of the butterscotch. You got the after bite of the bourbon, but none of its spirit.

Our third choice was one of their topped creme burlee. The apple pie, with a scoop of apple compote over top, in place of the burnt sugar. It surprisingly wasn’t too sweet. It definitely gave you apple pie with the use of cinnamon and sugar. Though I would have liked them to finish this thought by including some graham cracker in the mixture, or have some of its crumbs at the bottle of the ramekin, to simulate a golden brown crust.

In short, there is a reason why they are still specializing in this once trendy treat. A great little stop for a different take on your would be favourite dessert.

Crackle Creme
245 Union St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2B2
(778) 847-8533

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