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Craffles Downtown Vancouver

Today #JoyDiaggi (Joyce of @vanfoodies, Diana of @foodologyca, and Maggi of @magmei) was adventuring downtown and our second stop brought us to Craffles. Craffles is waffle house that also features authentic Brazilian dishes. The owners are Brazilian so have had their background influence the menu. Given that there are not to many options for authentic Brazilian food in the city, this is a welcomed addition.

The cafe is lovely, designed with a couture aesthetic with gold accents and fresh greens, but known for their sky high milkshakes and overly dressed waffles in all sorts.

But first, we would start off with a few of the aforementioned popular Brazilian bites. The Cheese Breads is a gluten-free cheese puff made with tapioca flour. The result is a cheesy ball with a gummy chew similar to mochi, made more salty with the sharp cheddar cheese.

I am told that the Chicken Croquettes are intended to be shaped like chicken drumstick, however looked more like tear drops to me. These are deep fried crispy on the inside with a shredded and mashed white chicken meat filling. I was only missing a brightening sauce to dip it in to.

As for waffles, we would order one of each type, and pick our preferred toppings from a lengthy list of options and possibilities, which does become overwhelming.

The Holy Smoked is Smoked salmon, chive cream cheese, tomato, capers, arugula and lime on a rectangular Brussel waffles. With the waffle’s eggy base and its classic salmon and lox combination, it eats like a full meal.

The Crispy Chicken features Buttermilk crispy chicken packed into a thin crepe alongside old white cheddar, spinach, tomato, a spicy buffalo dressing, and a blue cheese sauce. All together with the spicy and tangy hot sauce and the lush cream sauce, the fried chicken popped. It all found a good base in this thin dough pocket and I liked this waffle the most.

The Brie Style we ordered in one of their Brazilian style waffles made with tapioca flavour. This was brie cheese, prosciutto, walnuts, apricot compote, and arugula stuffed into a white wrap grilled golden brown. It has an unusual gritty texture we were not use to, and we don’t necessarily think of when we crave a waffle. It gave the dish a heartier feel, although did not necessarily match with the more delicate filling. Maybe if we swapped toppings and base between this and the fried chicken one before they would have matched better. A heavier topping with a heartier waffle.

They also have vegan waffles which they titled “Croffles”. This is their Whipped one with Strawberries and blueberries with a vegan whipped cream. This was a very fine rendition, aside from a more runny whipped cream this ate like a regular doughy waffle with fresh berries and the faint hint of coconut milk from the vegan whipped cream. Although given the name “croffle” I was expecting a cross between a waffle and a croissant.

As good as their waffles are, Craffles are definitely famous for their towering extraordinary milkshakes. This is the Rainbow Unicorn that I absolutely had to have. An assault of fun that starts off as a strawberry pink milkshake and is topped with sprinkles, a unicorn lollipop, marshmallow ears, an ice cream cone, sour straps, a unicorn bracelet, whipped cream, and even more sprinkles alongside a strawberry drizzle. It was hard to finish all this sugar alone, but fun to go through and bite into each of the elements.

And for the chocolate lovers they have an Extravagant Chocolate option just as opulent. This is a nutella shake made from a powder chocolate mix topped with ferrero roche, kit kat, maltesers, a chocolate pop tart, a marshmallow stick; and finished with whipped cream and chocolate and caramel drizzle. Just as sweet and just as daunting for one, but cannot be missed for the presentation alone.

In closing, Craffles is such a fun spot. Come for dessert or a snack, there are so many unique items to try, you have to visit a handful of times just to have it all.

518 Davie St, Vancouver, BC V6B 2G4
(604) 423-3122

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