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Dockside Restaurant

This evening we had a fulsome drinking occasion planned, and knowing that there would be no meal served and only small bites to pick from, we decided to head down early and have a full dinner before.

The ultimate destination was Performance Works at Granville Island, so after exhausting a few other options, we ended at the obvious choice. This was Dockside at Granville Island Hotel, kitty corner from our destination with no wait to be seated and one of the best views of the waters of False Creek.

And lucky for us, we were given a table right by the window to enjoy it all the more. I appreciate their spacious dining area and the wide birth it offers tables for a more intimate dining experience.

Even though we were cited to drink for 2.5 hours post dinner, we couldn’t have the sumptuous meal we were planning on without a couple of drinks. And when deciding on wine and how much, the value is in ordering a bottle to share as apposed to ounce by ounce as you go. So, we enjoyed the Gehringer Rose from BC chilled. It was sharp and tangy, so ideal if you give it time to air and begun with a good swirl. Then let the tannis in your mouth do the rest to dilute and even out.

For food we decided on meaty morsels that would fill and provide a good base without leaving us bloated for the beverages to come.

Their Humboldt Squid was like squid I have never had before. Firm yet gummy, with a solid mouth feel. It almost felt like they were processed into a loaf of some sort then breaded and seasoned heavily. Served in lengthy logs with fingerling potato, Shishito peppers, and espelette, aioli. The sides offered a nice break with spice and tang. I just wanted more potatoes for 1:1 ratio with the squid and a more balanced bite.

The Pork Belly was a handsome dish with generous pieces of perfectly browned, evenly crisp, fatty chunks of meat. Each piece was glazed in madeira-brown sugar and served with an almond-raisin agrodolce and fennel pollen. This was a different and unique take on pork belly. I have never had it like this, more sweet than lush and savoury with hoisin sauce, as it is typically. The sugar somehow makes it less heavy, with the vegetables adding balance and acid, and the full grapes pops of freshness that helped to cleanse the palate.

The Brisket was not expected, it was tender and flaked apart easily, but was a lot more salty than expected and it reminded me of ham in taste and texture. The side of charred cabbage, carrot, rutabaga, sauerkraut jus, and rye crumb was necessary to balance out the salt. It had the dish feeling more like a stew. Although as hearty as it was, I still wanted some rice or bread to pair with it.

In closing, Dockside continues to be a great destination for the view. And whenever I return, I continue to be more and more impressed by their menu. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for patio season.

Dockside Restaurant
1253 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9, Canada
+1 604-685-7070

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