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Eggette House

I remembered my first taste of Taiwanese style egg waffle. It was an add on to a bubble tea, and I was informed that they are common pairings. As a person who likes her pancakes undressed, vanilla ice cream as is, and bread with just butter; I liked the simple batter flavour of the waffle with egg and butter.

Fast forward, who knew the appreciation for this snack item would have enough interest that there would be a shop dedicated to just making this egg waffles. Although, not just the regular flavour, but a collection of familiar Ingres it’s like chocolate and oreo. Plus an handful of others that are a lot more adventurous like seaweed with corn, and bacon and cheese.

Today we were invited, literally behind the counter to get a good look at how these waffles are made and stuffed. We were at Eggette, within Richmond Market, the indoor Asian market with stalls mimicking an outdoor market place that you would find in China.

Using the traditional cast iron pan equipped with dimples. The clerk pours the universal batter over one half, then shuts the press to swivel it 180 degrees and coat the other side with the excess. Once liquid has turned to solid, it is time to add the filling. For us today this was their salted egg yolk, durian cheese, and newer Portuguese tart flavour.

Once pressed again and fully cooked, the waffle is gingerly removed from press. The finished product and set to cool on a wire rack in front of what appears to be a Dyson hair dryer dupe. (I say this with m certainty given that there are 4 units, one for each station and the price of one alone is too high to be used as a fan).

I digress, the durian was naturally pungent, more fruit than salty cheese. This was most fragrant of our three chosen orders, although still lacking. You wanted an even ratio of filling to batter, but got more of the latter.

I barely made out the salted egg yolk paste, and wished it was more lava-like, similar to what you get within steamed white buns at dim sum. This was a hint of salted egg that felt like it was just mixed into the batter to bake.

The Portuguese tart was actual chunks of egg tart baked in. Once again my same grievance above for lack of flavour, but more understanding, as if they don’t make their own Portuguese egg tart, it would be hard to control how much flavour you can get out of it.

I guess I like Eggette’s egg waffle at their base, but wanted each to be +150% more intense. The filling should be the highlight with a 2:1 over the thin waffle barrier.

Eggette also serves drinks here, nothing too complicated, either a classic milk tea or lemonade tea; both available either hot or cold.

And to enjoy it all, you need to trek upstairs to the Richmond Market food court for seating, or just take this travel ready snack to go.

Eggette House
Richmond Public Market
#1680 – 8260 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 3Y2

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