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Epic Grill Silog

Looking for a quick and comforting breakfast, we turn to Epic Grill Silog, Filipino cuisine.

The set up was like any other 50’s style diner with booth seats and countering seating, kettles of coffee always at the ready, and even a classic milkshake machine being fully utilized. The only difference is the menu includes plenty of popular Filipino sweets featuring buko, pandan, and ube as milkshakes, layered cakes (sans rival & silvana), and parfaits with ice cream and fruit. We sadly didn’t get to try any of the above on this, my first visit. But I guess that is reason enough to return?

Instead we were focused on their savoury silogs. As paraphrased from Wikipedia, “Silog is a class of Filipino breakfast dishes containing fried rice and egg. They are served with various meat dishes”. So your only choice is what protein/main do you want with their garlic rice and how do you want your two eggs over it? Then each serving is cooked to order by a one man team in front of a flatiron grill.

My guest got the Tap silog beef silog. It isn’t prepared with presentation in mind, but a dish brought together to feed, as if you were in the comfort of your family home. The chewy beef in this was satisfyingly comforting, like a hug for the stomach. It just could have used a little more salt as the rice, egg, and slices of cucumber and tomato are left unseasoned.

I had the Lechon silog. As a first timer, I had to try their version of the popular Filipino style crispy pork belly. It is served with some Mang Tomas sauce for dipping into. Mang Tomas is a Filipino condiment for lechon made without ground liver. It eats like a chunky, over the counter gravy, and gives the dry pork some much needed moisture and sauciness. As a whole this dish is little on the heavier side, but the egg really makes it breakfast appropriate, adding some gumminess to the rice, and the cucumber and tomato help to give it all some freshness.

In conclusion this hit the spot for a quick and easy inexpensive breakfast. I would definitely like to return to try more of their silog and a dessert, as I am a big fan of anything with pandan and most places don’t offer it readily.

Epic Grill Silog
538 Ewen Ave, New Westminster, BC V3M 5B8
(604) 515-8922

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