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Golden Seafood Restaurant

Today I was having dim sum with my family. My dad had recently visited the restaurant and enjoyed everything he has has, so suggested that we visit here today for our latest family get together.

Despite the lot in the back, parking was a challenge. We were able to find some in front of residential homes near by.

Within, it was no different from any other Chinese seafood restaurants. The steady rumble of conversation and the clanging of chopsticks against porcelain. With everything you would expect from a Vancouver Chinese restaurant visually. Modest Crystal chandeliers, a live crustacean tank, a red feature wall dressed with a Chinese greeting, a heavily patterned carpet under foot, and colour adverts promoting the restaurant’s more popular dishes strewn across all the walls.

At the door, a line extended out the front, you simply add to the queue, it is typical to not be greeted. You just have to have faith that your time will come. We did have a reservation, but as is my previous experience with any dim sun restaurant, despite your name being written down beside a time, it does not mean much as the restaurant will always seat whoever is here first. The result a wait, and an argument with the staff on having to wait ensued. Our family calls this a “Chinese reservation”.

Luckily we came in knowing what to order. Where everyone else stuck to dim sum, we were thinking banquet dinner.

According to my father, the restaurant is run and own by the same chef and these are his recipes. The following was such a big hit with my father and his friends that he wanted to bring us here today to have just the same. And truly, I agreed. Dressed up yet comfort style Chinese cuisine.

This was my favourite dish of the day for its unique texture. Fried flat rice noodles with prawn and eggs. Described as slippery in Chinese and it is completely accurate. The texture is soft and gummy with a thick slick gravy that leaves each strand of noodle fun to slurp. I would have liked additional toppings or ingredients just to increase eating interest. Maybe have the shrimp chopped up and add on some crisp bean sprouts?

The Seafood chow main is a classic. Best eaten fresh when the noodles are still on the raw side and crispy. Its gravy was similar in texture to the one above, but at a fraction of the amount. This had one of the best representation of seafood piled atop, enough for a good 1:1 toppings to noodle ratio.

The Lobster sticky rice in lotus leaf was a showstopper. I just wish it was as punchy in flavour as it was eye catching. I wanted more sauce as the lobster meat as is was plain. A lot of tedious effort to pry strands of meat from shell, and not enough reward for my tastes.

The Ginger and green onion halibut was another great dish our table enjoyed. It was a great mix of textures from the saucy fried fish coated in a sticky sauce with ginger and soy. The bones are even chewable thanks to them being deep fried. Best in conjunction with the lobster’s sticky rice above.

As for the service when we sat down, this was some of the best I have received from any Chinese seafood restaurant. One of the servers actually saw the bones on my plate and offered me a new one. Just this one act had me sold, it doesn’t happen often, and it was a welcomed sight.

In conclusion, a great spot of delicious Chinese banquet style dishes, available any time of day.

Golden Seafood Restaurant
2425 Nanaimo St, Vancouver, BC V5N 5E5
(604) 568-8268

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