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Gotham Steakhouse & Cocktail Bar

On the onset of breaking my wrist, I found myself struggling with the most mundane of tasks. One included getting cards out of my wallet, mainly because I had so many stuffed into it. So in order to remedy this and make it easier for myself, I decided to clear what I could. This purge included using a handful of restaurant gift cards I have been holding on to. With the added bonus of having something to eat; as my cooking and cleaning ability is incredibly hampered by not being able to use my dominant hand.

One such gift card was for Gotham’s. So here we were, where I was ready to redeem the $25 card m, and pay out of pocket for the rest of this indulgent meal.

We came on a whim Easter Friday night, an hour to close, and had no issue grabbing a table in the lounge. On this night there was live music, and we were able to enjoy the incredible guitar stylings of our performer for the evening. He impressed with his finger work and brought us back with his instrumental covers.

We began our meal with J.Lohr “Seven oaks” Cabernet Sauvignon. This full bodied, easy to drink table wine had a smooth finish that matched well with our red meat and heavy sides to come.

My guest and I shared the 20oz bone in ribeye and there was plenty for each, with leftovers to boot. Although a medium rare steak is best prepared to order, and having to reheat it in the microwave does take away from its $$$$ price tag. So only order what you can finish.

If sharing, I suggest asking for the English cut, as the steak is properly sliced up along the grain, to best exemplify the fattiness of the cut. And as a plus for me, with only one hand functioning, feeding myself is already difficult, let alone have to cutting before I consume.

Sides aren’t included, but necessary to balance out the meal. Each is priced like a starter anywhere else. But alas, that is the price you pay for a bill’s worth of steak from such a prestige steak house.

The Field mushrooms was a collection of mushrooms that included button and oyster, all saturated in a delicious buttery finish.

My favourite side to steak has to be a creamy mashed potatoes; and the one at Gotham’s delivered. The ideal garlicky, silky paste to maw down on with chewy steak.

Is this the best steak I have had? Is this my favourite steakhouse to visit and recommend? No and No. However, Gotham’s will remain an institution and will continue to see success surround their name and brand. As a classic steakhouse, with traditional offerings, for that extra indulgence.

615 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC V6B 3K3
(604) 605-8282

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