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Gram Cafe & Pancakes

It has been a while since I visited the first Gram to open in BC, in Richmond’s Aberdeen Mall. So was excited to relive that experience at one of their subsequent locations. This is the Japanese import chain best known for their fluffy towering pancakes that jiggle as you wiggle it.

If you should forget that fact, an oversized cozy cushioned version is a nice visual reminder, and photo op. This is available at their Kingsway location, which is the one that we visited. The space was well lit and spacious, a great spot to linger at and study within. Accented by a mixture of faux and real foliage.

We ordered a couple of coffees to start, trying their take on the Caramel macchiato, which was pretty standard in my opinion. The Sea salt cheese creamer cold brew read a little more interesting. However, typical cold coffee lightened with the popular milk tea topping of salty cream cheese did not work here. There was no sweetened milk tea to offset the saltiness of the thicker topping. And the result was a salty and bitter beverage that I was not a fan off.

But we were here for their famous pancakes anyways. These have to be the most fluffiest and eggiest pancakes I have ever had. So airy that it ate like angel food cake. And it almost tasted like it with a gentle vanilla sweetness. And therefore make a great base for any pancake combinations. You are basically are left choosing your toppings and sides from savoury or sweet.

For the former we did a bacon and egg with their take on a hollandaise. I don’t know how they managed to do this, but the typically rich and heavy salty breakfast items were made lean to better compliment the delicate pancake. The bacon ate clean and less salty, and the sauce thinner and less rich than hollandaise that would normal top a Benny. Although I actually ended up eating them with the salad as is, and having the pancake alone, as to best enjoy their feature.

Although I recommend having their pancakes as a sweet treat, as intended. The caramelized banana was a nice comforting option that wasn’t too sugary. Crisp torched caramel and crunchy nuts to contrast the light pancake. More cake than traditional pan fried dough.

Worth mentioning is that they also have their pancakes premade and folded in half like a taco for a flavoured cream filled sammie of sorts. Their glass showcase was available for ordering from. With classic flavours like chestnut, matcha, oreo, and raspberry. I didn’t actually try these so cannot vouch for them or relay how the gram pancake held up chilled and used to sandwich cream. I guess you will have to try for yourself and report back to me.

In closing, Gram offers and focus on a specific product for a reason. If visiting, I would suggest ordering within their wheelhouse.

Gram Cafe & Pancakes
2218 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5G9
(604) 564-9157

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