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Hero’s Welcome, Bimbo Bingo

Tonight I was invited to “Bimbo Bingo” and for the intrigue that followed the name, there was no reason I could say no. But more on that later.

The venue of such a out of the box game was formally the home of Legion, a welcomed respite and meet up spot for veterans. Post pandemic the space has been purchased by the same owners of the “American” bar who are dedicated to preserving the history of the space, as well as injecting some new life into it. And from the reviews: veterans and new comers alike love what they have here.

Hero’s Welcome is a “barcade”. Mostly a bar with a good selection of arcade games in a separate room/section. Visitors can come in for a drink and are then invited to then stay a while; enjoying club house’s pool table, foosball, skeet ball, pinball, and buck shot.

There is also darts with two targets. This is complimentary to all patrons, and you only need to ask for a set or two to use, from the bar.

They also have an old school Photo Booth that develops a set of four quick, flash, black and white photos while you wait. This undated blast from the past allows tap to pay and even has a window so you can watch your photos being developed.

Although with all these new draw-ins added, they are still trying uphold the same traditions that were once held within the Legion. Including a strictly enforced no hat policy. They are also continue to host the old events like karaoke, trivia nights, bingo, and the popular meat draws; but to include a vegan version as well.

I had to ask and was told that the veterans that continue to frequent the space are happy for the update. They are still able to host their monthly meetings in the private room at the back. And the Hero’s Beer on tap by Philips Brewing is recommend with partial proceeds going towards various veteran related charities.

Plus the decor continues to incorporate veteran memorabilia collected and donated: uniforms, medals, and photos a plenty. A fine way to preserve these memories, in a space that welcomes all.

The new bar also continues to cultivate that old school bar vibe. An escape from the regular world as it takes you back like how it use to be. Good food and delicious drink at reasonable prices.

The menu spoke to this with a collection of sandwiches and hotdogs. I had recently finished watching both the first and second remake of Sonic the Hedgehog featuring Jim Carey, so was drawn to the Chilli cheese dog. This was definitely the gourmet version with a sirloin and ground beef chilli mix, diced onion, and three cheeses over a juicy wiener. I only wanted a lot more chilli as it was that good, plus there was enough excess bun to warrant it.

The sandwich we tried was the Calabrese with hot salami, roasted peppers, red onion, lettuce, provolone cheese, kalamata olives, a spinach ricotta spread, oil and vinegar. Slightly spicy and packed full of tangy flavour. If you like salty and pickled with the sharpness of cheese, like I do, this is the one.

Naturally, such a bar hosts a wide array of beers and spirits, but the one unique to them is their cocktail bottles. Premade and bottled with their custom label, choose between 3 varieties that have enough servings for the table. We went with the Victoria Rifle for a cold brew pick me up with Jägermeister, coffee, and Carolan’s Irish Cream.

Although the main reason why I was here, and why you need to visit, is for their twist on Bingo. As mentioned earlier, this is “Bimbo Bingo”. It is basically the same rules of bingo, but instead of shouting “BINGO” when you get 5 numbers in a row, you shout “BIMBO” instead, as per self proclaimed “bimbo” host, local drag queen Jerrilynn Spears. And trust me when I say, she makes the show/game. The first winner needs only to make one line, the next winner needs two, and the third has to “blackout” a whole bingo sheet.

I am a huge RuPaul’s Drag Race fan. I’ve watched from the very beginning, with season one’s bad lighting. And was a fan of the bald Nina Flowers. Therefore, I cannot believe it took me this long to see my first live drag performance in Vancouver BC. And it was everything I could have hoped for. I’m glad I popped this cherry with a Jerrilynn Spears as she is hilarious with her improv banter. Her frank and fun, self loving and self deprecating humour won the crowd. She through jokes, engaged the audience and even danced and lip sang as she announced numbers and cracked wise.

At the end of three matches winners were declared and prizes given out. With our table cleaning house, and yours truly winning a 4 pack of beer and giftcard from the evening’s sponsors.

I will definitely have to come back to do this again, it was far too much fun. So if you are looking for a mix between comedy show and games night: this one is for you.

Hero’s Welcome
3917 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P3
(604) 879-1020

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