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HK BBQ Master

It’s been a while since I visited one of the better known places for Chinese barbecue in Metro Vancouver. However, seeing as we were in Richmond, it was worth revisiting today.

It is nice to see that the business is still doing well with a rotating door of pick ups and take outs. Dining in saw no wait, despite the limited seating and plexiglass sectioned off tables due to the pandemic’s restrictions.

We were seated immediately and our food came shortly after. Just enough time for me to go upstairs to Superstore, to take out some money at the ATM because they are a cash only business.

Between the two of us we were able to order 2 combos that covered 4 out of the 5 possible BBQ meat options they offer. Both are served over rice with a floret of broccoli each.

For the BBQ pork and roasted pork combo I recommend not opting for the fatty version, when the server inquires “fatty or lean”? We did a mix and found out the hard way that there was way too much gristle to enjoy the texture of the chew. It was just saucy and oily all over. In hindsight we weren’t even eating meat. Get the lean and save yourself the heartache.

I preferred the soy sauce chicken and BBQ duck combo. The chicken was only slightly salted from the soy, and if it weren’t for the garlic and onion dressing atop, it would be on the blander side. But as a whole, together, it was especially delicious over rice. As for the duck, I too found it best with a sauce. My go-to is the plum sauce; the ones that come in those little packets with spring rolls. But be warned, if you ask for them, they only come to you one at a time. Therefore if you want more, you need to specify.

They also have a decent duck sauce you can request. A savoury dip with a gravy-like consistency that you use on any of the above. This did help to inject some personality into our fatty pieces of pork earlier.

With all this meat, we needed some vegetable, so ordered the only option available on the menu, aptly named “green vegetable”. Crispy stems and leafy greens drizzled in a salty and tangy brown sauce.

But the real palette refresher was the HK style milk tea served over ice. I recommend this to accompany the meal perfectly.

In short, HK BBQ Master continues to serve the community for authentic Chinese style barbecue meats. With techniques and recipes passed down from one generation to the next.

HK BBQ Master
4651 No. 3 Rd, Richmond, BC V6X 2C4
(604) 272-6568

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