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Holy Mochi Donuts

In light of national doughnut day (June 3, 2022) and the city’s newest obsession with mochi doughnuts, I tried Holy Mochi for the first time. I have only had similar doughnuts in Seattle many years ago, when the craze first started; and that was from a multi national operation with a fleet of staff making, preparing, boxing, and selling their doughnuts.

Whereas Holy Mochi is based out of the lower mainland, as a small batch, local, home spun operation helmed by a two woman team. They believe that love is the difference in their product, and craft each of their bubbly rings of chewy dough with every detail in mind. From ingredient sourcing to production, then customer service sales.

They do this, declaring that the above is the key to their success, and what makes all the difference between them and their competitors. And as a result, preordering is recommended and availability can be subject to change.

I was able to get a hands on of a box of 6 of their various flavours. But in total they have 8 to choose from. Here is what I had and how they tasted.

I had them the day I got them and I found that they had a firmer chew. If you want your mochi doughnuts a little more doughy, you can easily give it a 10 second spin in the microwave. Although be warned, the icing is a little runnier to begin with, so extended time under heat only makes it more like a dip? than a glaze.

The Strawberry Pocky was nostalgic. Any one who has ever had pocky will easy place its candy-like sweetness.

The lychee took me to soho and those one shot jello cups. Another walk down memory lane, and a mochi doughnut flavour I have yet to see anywhere else.

The matcha green tea was on the sweetener side, more dessert than the concentrated powdered beverage.

The Vietnamese coffee is another popular flavour, and one that I like in any format, so naturally this was my favourite and I was happy that it was not too sweet.

The Chocolate milo was less chocolatey and more malty thanks to the grittiness of the powdered drink mix used.

The cinnamon toast crunch is the only one of their offerings topped with an additional element. The crunch of the cereal took the mochi doughnut base to another level. I would like to see them do more of this to further set themselves a part. Maybe a savoury one with potato chips and maple bacon? Or a s’mores with graham cracker in time for campfire season?

Either way, the sky is the limit for them, as an adaptable small business. I will certainly stay tuned to see what they will have in store in the future. After all, I fully appreciated all the flavours I tried, and how they pinged on so many of my childhood flavour memories. I would recommend them just for that alone.

Holy Mochi Donuts
GongYou Commissary Kitchen
950 Seaborne Ave #1120, Port Coquitlam, BC V3B 0R9
(778) 651-7700

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