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Jimmy’s Place Restaurant

When looking for a brunch spot to dine at, after a particularly sweaty gym session, Diana of @foodologyca (aka my Gym Buddy) suggested Jimmy’s Restaurant, in the Burquitlam area, which is within spitting distance of our gym. She has been a handful of times and recommends them for classic diner fare, specifically their hashbrowns.

Truthfully when I dine out, I like to pay more for a dressier plate and for something I don’t or can’t prepare for myself. Therefore, Jimmy’s would not be on my radar, and this would not be a place I would readily choose. Even more so seeing as the long-standing restaurant is tucked away in a plaza, not visible from the street, and is destined to be shuttered down for redevelopment in the future. They are still standing, along with the other smaller businesses that have chosen to remain as long as they can within this outdoor mall. Therefore, you basically need to know about the place, to know to go. And looking around this wintery slushy and wet day, enough people did as the diner was fully seated.

They have been in operation for over 60 years, and is currently managed by a Korean family who does not know who Jimmy is (we asked). They have not changed the recipes, nor have they added any Korean influences to the cuisine. This is just classic American diner breakfast egg platters and lunch time burger and sandwich options, but with the addition of love, as per Diane. You order and the counter by the door. You pay first then seat yourself, waiting to have the prepared food brought out to you.

The dish Diana and her husband always get is the Blackstone Eggs Benedict. As one of their more complex dishes, I would gravitate towards this myself. Not to mention it comes with a great deal of hashbrowns, which is what the diner is known for and why you ought to visit. A lot of work gets put into making the best hashbrowns, it is a labour of love that starts with shredding and drying the potatoes in-house. The latter, a necessity if you are going to get them this light and crispy. Work that is well worth it. These are probably the best shredded and surface-fried hashbrowns I have ever had. I ate mine with a heavy squeeze of ketchup, happily.

As for the benny it is classically prepared with more toppings than toasted English muffin base. A large and thick slice of salty ham, fresh sprinkles of tomato and green onion, a perfectly prepared poached egg, and plenty of luscious hollandaise to coat it all. It tasted exactly as I had hoped, and it met all my expectations.

As I ordered Diana’s usual to share, it freed her to try something different from their lunch menu. This is their Clubhouse sandwich on toasted brown bread. With an extra layer of bread in between, this was prepared so uniformly with distinct layers of chicken, lettuce, ham, tomato, bacon, and cheddar cheese. I just wished that there was more mayo or some additional condiments to help inject some moisture. With only the ketchup from the fries, I got dry mouth from the coarsely shredded chicken. A side of homespun gravy to dip into would have been ideal. Although with that. it would no longer be classic or traditional, and would enviably go against what they are doing here.

In closing, Jimmy’s is a great place of American diner cuisine, simple and well executed. Just keep in mind, they might not be here when you want to visit, and as per the staff have no intentions of relocating, so try them when you can.

Jimmy’s Place Restaurant
435 North Rd G, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V9, Canada
+1 604-936-0779

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