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KFC Gravy Lovers

One of my all time favourite places for fried chicken is and always will be KFC. I love their branding and their out of the box ideas, literally. This includes their latest, limited edition offering below.

This winter season they have a festive line up for gravy enthusiasts, like myself. As a group, Joyce of @vanfoodies, Diana of @Foodologyca and I visited KFC to try their new KFC Canada Gravy Lineup.

We shared the KFC Gravy Lovers Double Bucket Feast which comes in a limited edition red, green, and white festive packaging. A scene of Christmas trees, kids ice skating, and snow. The set itself includes 8 pieces of Original Recipe or spicy chicken, four breaded chicken tenders, popcorn chicken and three side of your choosing. And plenty of gravy.

I was surprised to learn that fries weren’t automatically part of the deal, as they go so well with fried chicken and gravy. So naturally, we had to make that one of our sides.

And then, since we all love the sweetness of corn, and that KFC coleslaw is a staple, we had to get both. Then before we knew it we were out of sides.

But honestly the highlight of this set is the amount of gravy you get. Four individual sized containers of the stuff. To use as dip for everything mentioned above! Everything goes good with their gravy.

So you know we also had to get the KFC Gravy Lovers Sandwich. I loved how fun and creative the burger wrapper was. Carton menu items, hiding one of their funnest yet. This is a hand-breaded chicken fillet topped with Monterey Jack cheese, creamy mayo, and a specialty despised hash brown.

The hash brown is indented at its centre and meant to resemble a gravy boat, which is also what they call it. It holds a pool of gravy of your own self pouring. Although when given a whole container of gravy, you feel you need to use all of it. I love how excessive this felt to do and how much we enjoyed doing it.

Fans of the brand and their medium thickness, peppery gravy are sure to love both the gravy lovers feast in its festive packaging and the gravy lovers sandwich which has been designed to be loaded with KFC gravy.

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  1. Enjoyed reading about KFC’s focus on gravy! For those who love unique and tasty sauces, Jollibee also offers something special with its signature gravy, especially when paired with their iconic Chickenjoy. It’s always interesting to compare how different brands like KFC and Jollibee tailor their menus to delight gravy lovers around the world.

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