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Lil Willy’s Waffle House

It seems like the accessibility of media has made what was once taboo, a lot more mainstream and accessible. The shape of a male phallus was once censored, and now they are being exalted as Vancouver’s latest foodie trend. This is the Willy’s waffle.

What first started in Europe, with Canada’s first’s in Toronto has finally come to Vancouver. Now Vancouverites can too participate with not just one, but two locations serving this off the cuff treat. I have yet to visit the other, but from what I can tell from its online coverage, Willy’s is the one I would gravitate towards anyways.

Based out of the Commissary Connect space at 417 Industrial Avenue, this pop up will be operating during the weekends. 12-7pm every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, all summer. We got in a day before the crowd? to get a look at what’s what.

Their grand opening is on May 13th where customers can visit to purchase a waffle, made to order. At this time all purchases will be done in-person, as we they are currently not accepting any online pre-orders.

There are currently only 5 flavours available, and they are the first to do a savoury option. Each waffle is dipped and then topped with your choice of candy, cookie, or nuts. Although, I prefer to let the experts decide. Each combination is named with tongue and cheek word association. Their playful nature matches well with the rest of their branding.

Which includes a tinsel curtain of metallic pink penises dangling. A giant poster of their penis mascot eating a normal waffle (cause it’s not right for a penis to eat another). And miniature penis plushies that are sure to be a hit souvenir for all those visiting.

The waffles themselves are delicious. Not too sweet or cakey. They eat like bread with a slight mochi-like chew, yet is flavoured like pancake dough. The perfect base to build upon. They do contain gluten, dairy, eggs, and traces of nuts by way of toppings.

The “BBC” is a Chocolate Glazed waffle with crushed peanuts. The thickness of the glaze is perfect. They certainly take the time to ensure majority of the waffle is coated, and the chocolate shell is on the thicker side, to better adhere the peanuts. Fudgy and crunchy, this one delivers on expectations.

“The Wet Dream” is a Creamy Vanilla Glaze, sprinkled with Oreo bits to make the very classic cookies and cream combination.

“The Bachelorette” has a Strawberry Milk Tea Glaze which reminds me of strawberry pocky. This one is coated in rainbow sprinkles, giving it an extra crunch, and making it the sweetness of the lot.

I liked the flavour of the “50 Shades of Grey” the most. This was a unique, and pleasantly tea forward Earl Grey Tea Glaze. It is finished with crushed cracker crumbs for texture. This was my favourite of the sweet ones for how different it was. And the one I would recommended if you can only have one.

But as a lover of all things salty, “The Glizzy” was my favourite. This is the only one that is Hotdog Stuffed. It is generously topped with Japanese mayonnaise that is torched and sprinkled over with furikake (a mix of sesame and seaweed flakes). It was hearty and ate like a meal, reminding me of japa-dogs, which isn’t a bad thing.

I know this is only meant to be a seasonal pop up. But as a business I would try for longevity, so would offer regular shaped waffles with the option to make it “penis-like”, as a selling point. Coupled with a rotating collection of flavours, to see repeat business. Though when it comes to the concept, the possibilities are endless with the option to one day have various flavours of dough. More savoury options like a corn bread and jalapeño Willy, or one stuffed with pepperoni and cheese like a pizza pocket. And for sweet they need to make cream stuffed ones, and an ice cream addition for the hotter summer weather.


This is a fun treat for those who can get over the discomfort of what your eyes are seeing, before your mouth is trying.

Lil Willy’s Waffle House
417 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver BC

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