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Limited Edition Thai Tea Items

Fall is upon us, and the flavours of the season have come way before the chill. Warm spices and hot tea are appearing on many menus. Of this includes one of my favourite drinks and flavours: Thai tea.

Recently I have discovered these two places that are offering their versions of the off orange coloured tea, their way.

Truedan aka JenJudan is a popular Taiwanese bubble tea chain that has more recently made its way to Vancouver. They specialize in brown sugar milk teas and often feature new and limited-edition flavours like this season’s Thai teas.

They have a Thai coffee latte which adds more caffeine and punch to the familiar flavour of Thai tea.

But the one to get and the one we all really enjoyed the medley of textures from the Taro Thailand Latte with grass jelly and fresh taro. The same great flavour of Thai tea, but it also includes the jiggly, slurp-ability of the flavourless grass jelly and the gritty mash of soften taro. Fun for those who like to chew through their drink.

Truedan (Jenjudan) – Robson Flagship Store
1210 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 3Y4, Canada
+1 604-423-2925


If you are looking for Thai tea in a more dessert-like format, look to Passione Gelato, well known for their silky-thick, creamy and dense gelatos. They focus on seasonal ingredients and come up with a rotation of flavours that have customers lining up all year round. And this fall season is no exception.

Currently on top of Thai tea, they also have Gianduia (a mix of hazelnut and chocolate), chocolate lavender, and a HK milk tea that is a collaboration between Passione Gelato and Teakan.

As taken from their website: “At Teakan, you will find special curations of specialty tea and tea experience, with a focus on exquisite single-origin loose-leaf teas.” I liked both the tea flavours, opting to stack them one on top of the other! They weren’t too sweet and focused more on the tea than the sugar or cream that would go into them.

The hazelnut and chocolate is a great one for those who like chocolate, a dark blend with the hazelnut more focused on the roast of the nut, as appose to the popular ferrero rocher chocolate that it can be compared to.

The chocolate lavender was not my favourite. I do not like my desserts so floral focused. Although can appreciate how the bloom was more muted when partnered with a heavier chocolate base.

The most memorable and the only one only available in pints is the new and seasonal durian. This was truly the most authentic to the fruit’s feel and flavour that I have from any durian ice cream or gelato. Probably the best durian gelato out there and a must try for any fans of the King of Fruits.

Passione Gelato
55 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0R3, Canada
+1 604-423-4099

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