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Little Cafe on Robson

Today we were finally trying those viral croissants from Little Cafe on Robson Street.

We all know Vancouver loves a good photo moment and these baked crispy rounds are just that. Take what you know about a buttery and flaky croissant and make it round. The dough is spiralled like a cinnamon bun and stuffed with a flavoured cream, and the restaurant is a croissant that looks like no other.

At this point the initial discovery and viral nature of the dessert/snack has subsided, so you can visit and obtain this without a 2 hour wait in line. Although I would still advise going earlier in the day to ensure you are able to order from their full selection of croissant rolls. And to give yourself some time as they are piped to order to ensure a maximum crispy exterior hiding a pocket of thick custard-like cream at its centre.

Be advised, that if looking to dine in, they have very limited seating. And looking for a table and chair can still prove challenging, as Vancouverites do like chatting over a warm beverage at any downtown cafe.

Speaking of which, we would start with their newer, limited edition Spanish rose latte in both hot and cold. Basically an espresso sweetened with condense milk, thickened with regular milk, finished with vanilla syrup, and topped with dried rose petals for flare. A floral spring beverage made summer ready over ice.

They also have a great fragrant matcha latte option.

As for the viral croissants, we were smart enough to call ahead and reserve the flavours we wanted. Although sadly, during our visit they didn’t have a seasonal, special or limited release flavour that they are typically known for. So the following is available regularly.

Each was crispy pastry with a not too sweet stacked and packed cream centre. Staged upright and topped with either fresh fruit, nut, powder, or cream to help differentiate which flavour was. which.

The Mont Blanc had a chalky, slightly sweet chestnut purée.

The Matcha powder here was the same used in their latte above. More fragrant matcha than cream filler.

The London Fog was floral with the flavour of tea and cream. It was the heaviest of the four.

The strawberry was my favourite. It feels like it is made from fresh strawberry purée, although not looking like it.

They also have a savoury round croissant option. They take the shell, slice it in half and stuff it with familiar breakfast sandwich finds. A patty of egg, a few strips of crispy bacon, melty cheddar cheese, plus tomato and arugula for freshness, and pickled peppers for zip. The croissant makes a great sandwich base.

In short Little Cafe’s round croissant is a fun offering and the best rendition of this I have had to date. Although take that with a grain of salt, as I have only tried two.

Little Cafe on Robson
1258 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C2
(604) 258-2658

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