Liu Yi Shou, new menu items

My favourite spot for hot pot is introducing a new advancement in hot pot cooking, and we converged at their Robson location to experience it for ourselves.

It has been a while since I visited Liu Yi Shou Robson, but they have changed and improved so much, starting with their all you can eat menu. $32.99 per person Monday to Friday until noon. Friday evenings, Saturday, and Sunday it $34.99 per person for premium seating prices. You just have to pay for your soup base and to it can add over 90 different possible ingredients. And this includes plenty of premium items and all the meats. There is even the option for all you can drink for $3.99, which includes plenty of refreshing fruit juices and teas to choose from.

With golf pencil and paper menu you check off everything you want course by course. Meat, vegetables, snacks, and cooked items.

And best of all, a handful of them are self serve, available at the sauce bar. One of the largest hot pot sauce bars has been condensed from 3 pods into 1. This is in order to accommodate binning for various noodles, eggs, tofu, and sliced root vegetables. I was especially excited to see quail eggs, Korean style rice cakes, wood ear mushroom, and spam available without the wait.

There was even cooked and cold dishes to graze on as you wait for your raw order to come to the table. Deep fried buns, sesame balls, and chicken wings.

There was even a heated trough of fried rice, sweet and sour pork, and stir fried vegetables. But honestly, I expected to order plenty and eat lots from out hot pot, so opted out here.

Great as sides and palate refreshers in between bites were the self serve roasted peanuts, soy and tea marinated boiled eggs, and sliced fruit.

There was even dessert. A coconut milk sago with chopped up fruit, nuts, and seeds for toppings.

And at the centre of it all were the sauces for mixing and matching. My go-to is always minced garlic, sesame oil, oyster sauce, green onion, and plenty of satay peanut sauce all jumbled up.

And like I always say, at the end of the day what you taste is the dip so, take the time to craft your ideal mix. It helps to offer forgiveness if the items are overcooked or burnt.

The feature show stopper is definitely their new and upcoming combined bbq grill and boiling pot in one. You order everything you would want in regular all you can eat hot pot, but can either grill it on the top tier, or cook it in the broth on the bottom level. A choose your own adventure and one you can get pretty creative with.

Seeing Spam and eggs as an easy grab option, I had to make some breakfast as we boiled mushrooms, seaweed, and udon under it.

We also grilled muscles topping each with garlic, chilli, and green onions from the sauce bar.

You can even make mini patties, squishing down any of the available seafood or meat balls. In our case shrimp and beef, fried with sesame oil and garlic slices for extra flavour.

The meat ring is a must, a space saving and aesthetic way to order slices of lamb and beef. Either quickly cooked in a couple of dips into bubble broth, or grilled just as fast in oil.

Honestly, the grill opens up so many possible hacks for you discover, and offers so many ways to be more creative with and to enjoy your meal.

However, there was far too much to try and not enough room to do it in, but at this price you can come back and have more another time. And if you do so for lunch before 5pm all this and the soup base is only $29.95. And if you dine in during Father’s Day this Sunday, June 16th, 2024 it is buy one beer and get one free for all dads and father figures.


Liuyishou Hotpot Robson
1542 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C2
(778) 379-3977

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