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Loudmouth Brewing Co.

In this adventure we were out in Abbotsford, craving a good burger. Conversations with the locals led us to Loud Mouth Brewing.

I immediately was drawn into its whimsical fun motif in seafoam and fuchsia. With a set of wind up chattering teeth as its mascot, and plenty of cartoon mouths gaping for decor.

Given that this is a brewery at its core, we had to start with some beer. And the easiest way to get better acquainted with any brewery is via one of their flights. Here, it is a square rack of 4, and we went with the following samplers.

The Nevada Cascade Pale Ale at 5.5% has some punch back to it. The Hurt Feelings Westcoast IPA at 7% was naturally very hops focused. The Faiboii Stout at 5.5% is brewed with cacao for a rich and syrupy mouth-feel. And the Dope-Dry Hopped Sour Cherry at 4.5% features cherries grown and harvested from Abbotsford. You must like sours for this one. Cherry on the nose with a vinegary lip-puckering finish.

Our burger craving was appeased with the Double Cheeseburger, which apparently they use to advertise as being a close facsimile to an In-N-Out Burger. Double dry aged ground beef patties, their Loud Mouth signature sauce, American cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickle, and diced raw onions on a toasted brioche bun.

It gave us BK Whopper vibes with its charbroiled patty with slightly burnt ends. With all the toppings in tow this made for a very satisfying classic burger and included plenty of dripping sauces. I would come back for more the next time I am in the area. It was just so wholesomely good.

Us being a group of three and loving classic barbecue meats we had to indulge in the Boss Platter. An impressive assembly of Smoked and Roasted Brisket, Pulled Pork, Hop Sausage, Slaw, and Toasted Buns. This included the opportunity to pick any two sides of your liking.

We went for the Onion Rings. But sadly, the staff did not alert us that they were low on their frozen rings, so gave us what they had left and included regular fries to make up for the rest. I wish they gave us the option to change our choice, as the fries too were from frozen and nothing special. I much rather the deep fried pickles or waffle cut fries. The little onion rings we did get were at least crispy and what we had expected.

For our second side we paid extra and upgraded to the Chicken wings with creamy dip. Here you have the choice of Hot, Salt & Pepper, BBQ, Sesame, or Kansas style. We went for the latter most for a blend of tangy and creamy over a saucy wing. An average sized wing that you licked your finger clean of, after clearing the bone.

I appreciated the inclusion of all four dips available. The meat was seasoned, but really needed a generous coating in one of the following to really give it some personality. The truffle aioli was the crowd pleaser. The animal sauce with it mayo base and barbecue tang was the same as what was in the burger above. The Carolina is a mustard-based barbecue sauce that traditionally is partnered with pulled pork. Note, this version did the trick. And the horseradish added a nice break for the palate, I especially like it with beef as the largest contrast.

Speaking of, I love how tender and fatty the brisket was, the meat just flaked around the morsels of fat. However, without a sauce to coat and add a shield of sorts, the fattiness of the gristle was a little too much for the mouth.

In contrast, I love the snap back of the crispy skin on the juicy sausage. It gave you the perfect crunch on your first bite.

And the pulled pork was lean by comparison. I liked it with the above mentioned sauce and in between the burger buns with slaw and some pickles. All of which are included with this platter, and this is essentially the self-assembled version of their pulled pork sandwich.

In closing, this brewery is a great spot for beer, burgers, and barbecue. I can confidently recommend them, and will be back there the next time I am in the area.

Loudmouth Brewing Co.
2582 Mount Lehman Rd Unit #140, Abbotsford, BC V4X 2N3
(604) 809-1341

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