Match On The Move Food Trruck

Match On The Move Foodtruck

Today I was invited to the launch of Match’s mobile solution. Match is the chain of causal bar restaurants that are typically associated with Gateway casino properties. When you think of them you think, refreshing cocktails, frothy beers on tap, juicy burgers, crisp fries, and a good time. And now you need not drive all the way out to visit one, because it can come to you: roaming the tri-cities, and available for your next private event.

The goal was to expand Match’s food and beverages offerings from out of the casino and bring it mobile. And in celebration of their launch occasion, and in an effort to support economical development and charity initiatives, Match On The Move has a special burger on menu. The Hero Burger is working with Make a Wish Foundation, where proceeds from every Hero Burger sold will go to help to grant the wish of a child suffering from a critical illness. The hope is that their lives with be enriched by the experience adding joy to their lives. And I don’t know about you, but reads like reason enough to order a burger when you see the truck next. Not to mention it is a tasty tasty burger. I was able to grab one of the firsts to come from its mobile kitchen and dig in.

Proceeds from every Hero Burger sold will go to help to grant the wish of a child suffering from a critical illness.
The Hero Burger is a 1/4 fresh Canadian beef smash patty with bacon, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, and American cheese. It sounds simple and is delicious. When you crave a classic beef burger, this is exactly the one you want. No complaints, it satisfied completely.
Match On The Move Vancouver

As for what else they have on menu, today we would get a sampling of their offerings in bite-sized format, so the following will not be the the intended portion sizes. Therefore take the photos with a grain of salt.

If you are looking for the dairy free version of the above, there is a The Classic Burger, 1/4 lb fresh Canadian beef smash burger patty with everything above just no bacon and cheese.

The Food

Something different would be The Spicy Bird. This is a slow roasted pulled chicken burger, served on Martin’s potato roll, with slaw, Nashville hot sauce, a chilli crunch mayo, and sweet pickles. I was able to ask, and learned that the “crunch mayo” gets its textured crunch from the addition of crushed potato chips. The burger was spicy, it tingled on your lips; as well as anywhere that the Nashville hot sauce was smeared on. Though if you wanted something hotter, be sure to ask for their “I can’t feel my face option”. However, the regular version this was plenty of heat for me, so thankfully the slaw and mayo do well to balance everything out; with the potato bun acting as a sponge to soak it all up.

And if you are getting a burger be sure to order some fries. They are some of the crispiest and well seasoned fries that I have had. They remained crispy well after they have cooled, and are so tasty that you don’t need a dip for them. Although there is the option to have it as a Traditional Poutine. The same crispy fries, but now topped with a Guinness gravy, cheese curds, and green onion. Or go one step further and make it a Hot Mess Chicken Fries. Same crispy fries with Nashville hot sauce, pulled chicken, slaw, cheese curds, Guinness gravy, chilli crunch mayo, and sweet pickles. So basically the same burger as above but trade bun for fries. Either way it a good time with these great fries as base.

They are some of the crispiest and well seasoned fries that I have had.
For something a little lighter look to their Trucking Tacos. This is the Beef Birria with overnight braised beef, cotija cheese and green onion, topped with cilantro; all over flour tortillas. Clean and refreshing, you will be happy they come as four to an order.
Match On The Move Burgers

And to drink, cool down with their Orange Creamsicle Float. Jarritos mandarin soda, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and rainbow sprinkles with a cherry on top. It is both nostalgic and fun for all ages.

In short when looking for classic eats, look out for Match On The Move.

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