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Mui Garden, Burnaby

In this post, we had plans of running errands at Metrotown, but knew to get food before we ventured into the mall on a weekend. I feel that is one of the worst places to be hangry at. So we found ourselves across the street at one of the handful of Mui Garden locations.

As one of the newest, this was definitely the coziest location we have visited. Warm and still hospitable with green booths and a varying shade painted on the wall, all still in good condition.

The menu was 3 laminated sheets of overlapping recommendations and specials. Iy all took a little to decipher, so we stuck to the Chef’s Recommendation sheet that was a single page of 15 dishes, each with its own coloured photo.

We ordered the Hanian chicken with rice and I found it disappointing. Wispy pieces of chicken, with little depth of flavour. The sauces helped, but it was just missing that push. I crave it when I see it, but have yet to find the restaurant with best rendition. Although I am holding a candle for the authentic version I had in Malaysia so many years ago.

This plate also came with a bone broth, that was a lot more satisfying. It was full of flavour and warming to the core. And came with actual thick chunks of pork to enjoy.

I also found the Curry beef brisket with rice a lots more satisfying. Tender nuggets of beef coated in a sauce that was a well balanced measure of sweet and spicy. It had enough flavour that if eaten with the plain rice it would still be enjoyable.

The Pan fried rice noodle with sliced beef is a tasty serving. There was plenty of char from a fiery wok, without over cooking the fatty and chewy chunks of beef. A classic that I had no complaints of. However, not the best in my opinion.

The Chicken satay with garlic sauce was very not near what I expected. I don’t know what version of satay this was, but it did not taste like anything I have had. It came out hot to the core, whereas the sauce was chilled in contrast. The latter wasn’t a chunky peanut butter based sauce as I was expecting, but one loaded with minced garlic. The curve ball was the side of canned pineapple chunks, I didn’t find it complimentary to the zestier marinaded meat, even as a palate refresher. Heavily seasoned in herbs with a curry undertone, I found the satay marinade overwhelming without a base, and the chicken over cooked.

Overall, a decent meal. Not the best Chinese food out there, but for the price and ease, it hits levels of comfort cravings that will have me returning again.

Mui Garden
4727 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 2C3
(604) 336-9977

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