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Mum’s The Word

From the same guys behind Vennie’s Subs, Down Low Chicken, and The Drive’s Canteen comes sandwiches just as buzz worthy. Sandwiches the way mom use to make them, at Mum’s the Word, which is also located on Commercial Drive. Bringing you your childhood between two slices of toasted bread by day, and transforming into the drinking hole your adult self wants and needs, by night. A clever way and play with the name.

The first thing you notice when you walk in is the aqua coloured ceiling and the thick lined prints painted, running down the length of the bar/restaurant. It reminded me of Sharpie drawn 1920’s sailor-style tattoo art.

With their vintage decor pieces and their found item kitsch, Mum’s fits well into the grunge, relaxed vibe of Commercial Drive. All the seats and tables are well used and loved with stains and chips that only adds to the charm, and the feeling that you are just chilling in your aunt’s basement. This is definitely a vibe, especially if you visit on a Sunday, like we did, and it is all day happy hour.

Seeing as we were here during brunching time we kept our order around the breakfast theme, starting with their assortment of speciality cocktails with interesting names.

Like Duck, You Sucker!, which is fun to say, and as punchy to drink at 3oz. Bulleit Bourbon, Habitat Guatemala Espresso infused Campari, Sweet Vermouth, and Chocolate Bitters. It had a chocolatey rich mouth feel to what reminded me of an Old Fashion. And the caffeine kick is there, but without the taste.

I really enjoyed Them Apples at 2.5oz. It felt brunch adjacent with the presence of the fruit, which is often seen as a juice option during breakfast. Butter washed Pere Magloire V,S Calvados, Merridale Apple Liqueur, Maple Syrup, Egg White, Black Walnut Bitters, and Lemon. It had the thick syrupy texture of dessert, and tasted like a buttery pastry, apple galatte. This cocktail is a great one to nurse as dessert in a cup.

For a heavier coffee presence in your cocktail look to the Cold Brew Manhattan with Bearface Whisky, Kahlua, and Crème de Cacao Habitat. This had the right amount of body you want from a caffeine forward beverage, and the coffee sat heavier on the lip, but sweetened by the creamier spirits. A great boozy option in place of regular black coffee.

The Coffee Margarita Tultepec is a great weekend coffee option. For when you want the jumpstart, in order to start the party. 2.75oz of 1800 Blanco Tequila, Agavero, Aperol, and Lime. Well mixed, not one ingredient engulfed the other. It tasted like soda, easily crushable.

As for food, they have breakfast specials from 9-11am daily, which they have aptly named Happy Morning. This list included a coffee and breakfast sandwich combo, and other coffee topped with spirits, like you would highballs.

The Mum’s Breakfast Combo is an Americano with your choice of either their meat or vegan breakfast sando. We made our coffee a shot of espresso and paired it with their Burnin’ Daylight. The latter is their House Breakfast Sausage, Fluffy Egg, Caramelized Onions, Spicy Mayo, and Cheddar Cheese served on Milk Bread Pullman Loaf. The standout here was the sausage, it looked like Vietnamese style cold cuts, sliced thick. Not herbed or salty, just chewy. It milder taste and lighter textured partnered well with the fluffy egg patty. This was such a different combination, and one I would like to have again, but with some ketchup for my tastes. Something to add tang and freshness to the sandwich.

The rest of the sandwiches are off the regular menu, all named “Mum”. They have vegan and vegetarian options, as well as sandwich with international twists. The French Mum had beef jus and caramelized onion and Korean Mum featured bulgogi beef and kimchi.

We tried the Canadian Mum with Maple Glazed Thick Cut JN&Z Bacon, Fresh Iceberg Lettuce, and Bacon Mayo served on Sourdough. I found it like a modern and clean BLT, minus the tomato, where the bread is the extra crunchy highlight; serving as the perfect vessel for the sweet and salty thick strips of bacon. I just would have liked more bacon, as you need a piece in every bite, otherwise, you are just having lettuce in an undressed sandwich. Despite the only three ingredient filling, I did really like this.

The Italian Mum is the one I would order again and recommend as a take on a classic meat ball sub. Meatball, Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce, and Basil; served on Milk Bread Pullman Loaf. When we got to it, the bread was still crispy, holding the meat and cheese in place. The side of sauce allows you to customize your bite as a dip. Very satisfying with melty cheese and tangy sauce binding it all.

The Southern Mum had Smoked Turkey, Chimmichurri, and Pickled Red Onions; and this too was served on Milk Bread Pullman Loaf. Once again, don’t let looks deceive you, despite what may appear to be a lean sandwich, everything was jammed packed with flavour. The Chimichurri herbs kept things fresh and light. We originally thought it was pesto, which would have been a nice alternative, or a thought for another future sandwich. And the crunch from the pickled onions was a great internal palate refresher.

And before you leave, be sure to visit their black light washrooms. The paint glows neon for an almost 3D effect. And fun fact, if you pee and it glows a neon green, you need to drink more water.

In short, Mum shouldn’t be the word, because this place is great, and more people ought to know about it. For delicious sandwiches from connoisseurs with a proven track record, and as crafty cocktails to match. Definitely a spot that you want to take a spill at.

Mum’s The Word
1301 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3X5
Victoria Dr
(604) 251-6246

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