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Myst Asian Fusion

Myst is one of my go-tos for when you want Chinese food, but don’t know what you actually want. The restaurant is open late, can seat larger parties, and has a 30 plus page menu, that will ensure everyone finds something that they want.

Although, I did find the latter overwhelming. There is so much to sift through and you question the kitchen’s ability to make it all, let alone well. From congee to hot pot, and yam fries to alcoholic cocktails.

Flipping through it all, this is what our indecisive minds settled on. Our favourites all under one roof. Truthfully, all of it wasn’t the best, but all together it hit the spot then and there.

We wanted both laksa and Hainanese chicken, so thought to kill 2 birds with 1 stone with the Laksa noodle soup with Hainanese chicken. But sadly this might be the worst rendition of laksa I have had to date. First the broth was not rich enough, and second the pasta noodles used didn’t jibe well. There also wasn’t much else in terms of toppings or ingredients to help round things out, and/or add some more taste and textural interest to the mix. The noodles were too starchy and didn’t absorb any of the soup. The only positive was that it didn’t get soggy no matter how long it sat. As a whole I would not recommend this. It all felt off, it was very confusing, having had authentic laksa, and considering it as of my all time favourite dishes. The soup was the best part of this, and it isn’t even that good.

The Deep fried squid tentacles were over cooked. The breading was burnt and the actual tentacles a struggle to chew through. It also lacked seasoning, and would have benefited from a little salt.

The House special stir fried sliced noodles with beef was the best dish by far. And actually one of the best renditions I have had of this dish, thanks to the type of noodle they used. The thicker, coarsely cut noodles where lush and fatty, glazed in a sheen of oil. They paired perfectly with the tender slices of beef coated in a sweet soy. I cannot recommend this one enough, and will definitely be craving it again.

The Japanese style omu fried rice with pork was another disappointment. Reading its menu description, we both thought this would be different. More like the actual Japanese version of the egg over rice. Made with a runnier eggy omelette that you cut through and lays out across the mound of rice it sits on. This version was firm egg on hard rice. It was at least tasty with a light sweet soy flavour. And I fully appreciated the edible and ornamental tomato butterfly.

The Steamed pork dumplings were average. You get 8, which is more than at other places. The dumpling’s thicker skin was helpful in keeping what little soup was within, which is the trademark of these popular soup dumplings. I did like the flavour and the dipping sauce enough to be satisfied by this.

The Boneless chicken in Italian truffle sauce we liked. This was the small portion. It was much like the Hainanese chicken in our laksa above, but not water logged, and made tastier by way of truffle essence and oil. And best of all, it was boneless for easy eating and maximum enjoyability.

The Potted milk tea was served in a to-go plastic cup, so was not as pictured on the menu. And truthfully we only ordered it because it was shown to look like an edible plant with mint “sprout” and oreo cookie crumb “dirt”, sitting atop a layer of heavy salted cream, over regular milk tea. Even after a good mixing, the drink was watery and flat. The powdered milk used left you wanting real cream for a richer sip.

In short, Myst is a grab bag. Pros and cons that you take on at your own risk. Great for larger groups, but more of a gamble for individual dishes and satisfaction.

Myst Asian Fusion
6400 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5E 1C5
(604) 364-6400

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