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Nam Dae Moon was founded by Ms. Xu, a Korean-Chinese born in China. She learned the craft of rice cake preparation from her grandparents, which she furthered honed through her travels throughout South Korea and Japan.

Each is based on traditional recipes and elevated with modern Asian inspirations. On its 10th year anniversary Nam Dae Moon has come to be known for its creative flavours and giftable packaging. And now they have increased their menu selection, to not only rice cakes but some classic night market desserts as well, featuring plenty of mochi.

The Milk Mochi Cup comes disassemble with a cup of mochi, a container of soy bean powder and crushed up black sesame crumbs. You combine the 3 and mix together for a sticky dessert that is gummy on the palate. Not too sweet, you are enjoying this one for its texture.

The Icy Milk Mochi with Taro Balls & Red Beans is like a Chinese sno cone, but instead of ice you get a mound of mochi with your toppings. I have had something similar served warm, but prefer the colder temperature for the warmer weather now. Just make sure you eat and finish this one right away, as the balls and mochi are best as served in their intended softened state.

I liked the Milk Mochi Ice Cream, served like a parfait with your choice of toppings, we went with the floral fragranced osmanthus to best parallel the gentle nuance of the barely there milky ice cream. But your other options include black sesame and kinako powder. Served in a plastic cup, would it be nice to have it in a cone or in a rice cake cup to keep in theme?

I am told that the Mango Pomelo Sago with Coconut Milk Noodle is common on the streets of Hong Kong. It is like the dessert version of noodle soup. Instead of a rich beefy broth this has a sweet tropical one. And no bamboo shoots or pork slices in this noodle, instead it is fresh mango chunks, sago, and pomelo fruit. The playful nature of this dish comes from the smooth strands of coconut milk noodle that you slurp up between your lips.

And continuing with our theme of savoury foodstuffs made sweet. The Fresh Fruit Cake Sando is like a sandwich made with slices of vanilla sponge instead of bread and cream and fresh fruit instead of condiments and fillings. They feature a bamboo charcoal chiffon cake with either a strawberry or mango filling. Although crafted with presentation in mind, I found the slices of fruit too large, and one bite took the whole piece down. Better as smaller chunks for an more even cream, to cake, to fruit ratio; and even bites.

We also got to taste test their spicy Tteok-bokki. Not officially on the menu, but within Nam Dae Moon’s wheelhouse as they specialize in all things rice cake related. I liked the chewy texture and got the expected level of heat, if this makes it on to the regular menu, this would be their first savoury item.

And only available for a little while longer is the show stopping Summer Melon Cake. It is literally a whole melon you carve open to reveal a layered cake. Much like you would a jack-o-latern, the melon is hollowed out and its fruit is used to create a fruit cream chiffon cake. Said cake is then shaped and gingerly stacked into the hollow melon rind, for the one of a kind presentation and show, when it is served. This is the type of dessert you bring to impress, or the one you give as a gift to the hostess with everything. Slice it up and eat it like melon on the rind, or dig straight in, you had to have purchased the whole melon, so the option is yours.

Please note that a preorder must be placed over the phone, 24 hours in advance, as they are made to order and that pick-ups are done 4-8pm Monday to Friday only. One again this feature is cited to be available now until the end of September, but is as quantities and supplies last.

In closing, it is great to see Nam Dae Moon continue to surprise and delight with such create and tasty new menu options. Keep them in mind when you want a sweet treat or need to give a gift in a pinch.

Nam Dae Moon Rice Cake 南大門
6868 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby, BC V5J 4J3
(604) 559-6789

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