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Neverland, An Immersive Peter Pan Inspired Bar

Having recently visited the Alice in Wonderland experience, hosted by the same show runners, at the same venue; I knew what to expect coming into this Peter Pan themed one today.

Great quips by a witty cast that manages to intermingle the retelling of popular fairy tales with modern, relatable references. Plenty of jokes, quirky games, and of course stiff drinks.

Worth mentioning, if you too have been to their Wonderland adventure, Neverland is of a smaller scale. A single room that they managed to maximize with themed pockets. And a storyline that is condense for a quicker pop in and out. Although additional time can be spent after your seating, at the adjoining Queen of Hearts bar downstairs.

Guests are gathered in the Lost Boy’s hide out, hidden amongst a magical forest of twinkling lights, with it’s own thatched roof bar. You are seated on either one of the share style tables, on one of the benches, or a make shift stump surrounding the room. And all guests are welcomed with either a glass of wine or beer.

The bulk of your adventure takes place on the Jolly Roger with the recreation of a skull and cross bones pirate ship that includes folded sails, a walking plank, and even a functioning steering wheel.

I loved being able to interact with the space, exploring the finer details and the collection of artifacts the staging team gathered together to curate this scene. The treasure room included strings of pearls, antique serve ware, lucite gems, and plastic gold coins.

Here, the actors set the stage. You are joining the ageless Peter Pan, as an honorary Lost Boy, infiltrating Captain Hook’s crew as a new pirate in training. The task: to save Tinkerbell, who has been caught by Hook for her pixie dust, and its anti-aging properties.

You as a crew member under go training that includes archery, ring toss, and ball throwing; the likes of carnival games. Successful completion of said training entitles event goers to a doubloon.

With 3 in hand, you visit the bar to exchange them for a rum heavy piña colada. Each boozy cocktail is served in a skull shaped glass with the whimsy of billowing smoke, by way of dry ice.

As to not divulge too much more, your ticket does get you one more cocktail that you have to work for and mix yourself. And once again, they do not cheap out on the alcohol. This colour changing concoction hits.


Throughout the event you are invited to take photos and videos. The whole space is basically set up as a giant photo op. So for a fun afternoon or evening, visit Neverland and enjoy plenty of puns coupled with childhood fun.

On from May 11th-June 26th, 2022
Vancouver Alpen Club
4875 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, V5N 4P3

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