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Noodle Arts, revisited

@monkeyeatsworld and I have been coming to Noodle Arts for years now. I first discovered their hand pulled noodles on Robson Street through her. And have been returning to them since, even ordering food delivery from them to be driven to our home in Burnaby.

So on this day, after a quick snack, we were still hungry so decided to come in for dinner. Regardless of our repeat visits, we continue to be amazed with their “noodle arts”. Watching our order come to fruition from the making of the noodles to the cooking of them in broth.

I always let Monkey Joyce do the ordering, as the resident Chinese food and noodle expert.

Tonight we went for their Fried cumin noodles with lamb, prepared with their triangle noodles. Usually we would get it with cutting noodles, but thought to try something different this time around. This was basically regular pulled noodles, stretched out, then mounded to a point, so at their width they were a triangle.

It tasted good, but I was sad that I did not get the triangle-shaped noodle bites that I thought this would be. Our dry noodle is all about texture and the sliced version would have been the best for this, in my opinion. Where slices of noodles are carved from a round of dough, straight into boiling water to be cooked.

As for the way it tastes the cumin flavour was at the forefront, a fragrant sauce with curry notes, well adhered to the bouncy texture of the noodle strands.

For our wet noodle option we got the Mala beef noodle soup with wide noodles. Same noodles as the above, but rolled out large and flat. With these extra wide noodles you get to fully enjoy their chewy texture, with the most surface area passing through your lips.

The broth was spicy as the menu promised. A burning heat that was tolerable, but should be avoided if you cannot handle spice. This was a deep burn that the noodle helped to dull. And lamb meat was tender and melted into the bold red broth.

The rest of these photos are of dishes that were ordered by other tables that came to the pass, where I was standing. I couldn’t help but to take photos of them, they looked so good. Guess this is what I will be ordering next time.

In short, another delicious meal from Noodle Arts. They never disappoint, and I am sure we will be back, and will continue to photograph and take video of their noodles pulled and cut to order!

Noodle Arts
739 Robson St, Vancouver BC, V6G 1C9
(604) 673-5688

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  1. Noodle Arts never fails to impress with its hand-pulled noodle mastery. While the Fried Cumin Noodles with Lamb showcased flavorful spices, the triangle-shaped noodles were a bit disappointing. In contrast, the Mala Beef Noodle Soup’s wide noodles offered a satisfying chewiness, complementing the spicy broth and tender lamb. Overall, Noodle Arts remains a go-to spot for delicious noodle dishes, despite occasional minor hiccups.

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