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Nukid Cafe

For 2022 and in celebration of the reopening of restaurants to full capacity once more, I have decided to find my list of “Best of’s”. To taste and try my way through a variety of goods and products, to be able to declare that such and such is my best and favourite.

This goal has brought me downtown Vancouver on this day. I have heard much buzz for Nukid, so figured I should give it a try, and see if this could be my favourite place for doughnuts.

The cafe is fun, a decorated space that captures the wonder and whimsy of their baked goods that includes cakes and pastries, on top of an array of various doughnut styles.

To get a good feel for the bakery, we purchased two boxes worth, you can only fit 4 in each, depending on the doughnuts you get. So here are the 8 we were able to narrow it down to, in the order that we ate it.

The Banana Nutella twisted donut was airier than expected, you think rich when it comes to Nutella and decadent when you add in banana to the mix. The dough was a fluffy-like sponge, that left us wanting a heavier topping to balance it out.

Similarly, we wanted more flavour from the roasted grain Tiramisu. It didn’t read as the popular espresso dessert, but instead gave us a more smokey tea flavour. It was an interesting one and the one you would have with a warm beverage in the morning.

But the most memorable were the savoury twist doughnuts. The Potato and cheddar cheese twisted donut had the texture of a dessert, with the flavours of a entree side. It was confusing, but good in a way, and it had you going back for more in order to figure it out.

My favourites was the Cheddar cheese twisted donut. It gave us the cheesy flavour associated with the neon orange colour that you’d expect. Childhood memories of aerosol cheese and ritz cracker cheddar. Iconic.

The Creme Burlee Cronut was soft yet crispy with the unique flaky and air pocketed bread of a croissant. All made dense and heavy with its lush custard cream stuffing, and given additional sweetness from its icing topper.

They also do cream filled doughnuts like the Peanut butter and raspberry donut. The filling is super foamy and combined, whereas I wanted the jam separate, outside of the peanut butter cream. Doing so would have given the doughnut some nice freshness and better depth.

Therefore, I preferred the Matcha for its deeper and sharper flavour profile and thicker cream. It had an enjoyable, more concentrated flavour, instead of a sea of flowing cream.

The Choco crunch donut delivered on its name with a variety of chocolates and textures in its fluffy and doughy shell. Smooth cream and crunchy hardened chocolate bits.

In short, a nice unique doughnut shop in the West Side, with plenty to choose from to keep you coming back for all your sweeter cravings.

1660 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C7
(604) 568-9988

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