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Passenger Cafe

Sadly, my favourite bubble tea shop has closed. Once located on the second floor of the New Westminster’s Skytrain station, the cafe has seen a rebranding. Still owned and operated by the same duo, they have now incorporated a completely new concept and menu, while retaining a few of their customer’s favourites, made available due to popular demand.

No longer Bobacabana, a bubble tea shop first and foremost, they are now highlighting their new line of dacquoise. A “dacquoise” is a dessert cake made with layers of almond and hazelnut meringue, accompanied by whipped cream or buttercream on a buttery biscuit base”, as per Wikipedia. And here it comes in a variety of flavours.

These are basically a hard, less sweet meringue cookie filled with airy and luscious cream. Available in popular flavours like Matcha oreo and matcha coconut, original flavour combinations like Blueberry balsamic, and dessert pairings like Chocolate pistachio with strawberry.

They even have the current season’s trendy flavour: Pumpkin spice available.

And there is zero waste here, because their broken cookies get repurposed into trifles with biscuit crumbles, fresh fruit and cream. Eaten out of a cup with a spoon, they are an easy grab and go treat, and not surprisingly their best seller. We tried their Triple Berry Trifle.

They also have classic cafe items like coffee and lattes with plenty of milk alternatives. Fresh baked goods like croissants both stuffed and plain. As well as vegan friendly desserts, like their popular vegan cinnamon bun.

And as their regulars continue to visit the new “Passenger Cafe” looking for it, they have continued with their more popular Asian beverages like their Hong Kong style milk tea, ans my favourite the pandan latte with pearls. There are too many places offering pandan as a flavour choice, so to get it here and as fragrant as I want it, is a treat.

In short, change is a must and this new version of this go-to New West Skytrain station cafe is one that many can get behind. An easy crab and go coffee and snack shop for those on their commute to and from work and school.

Passenger Cafe
800 Carnarvon St #360, New Westminster, BC V3M 1E9, Canada
+1 604-553-1922

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