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Passione Gelato, 5th year anniversary

For those who don’t know, there is a gelato shop located at the base of the copper Parq Casino. This is Passione Gelato, specializing in mirco-batch artisan gelato and sorbetto.

Owned and operated by Salvatore Boccarossa, who decided to start his own gelateria, after years of working at the famed Bella Gelateria; which is no longer in business, but Passione is, and looking forward to their 5th year anniversary. Although, things have a funny way of coming full circle as you can also find Sal spearheading the gelato program at Kitchen Table Group’s Motorretta, which has now taken over the old space (of Bella Gelateria) as is seeing success.

Being artisan and small batch means their menu is always in flux and updating. Although you can always expect them to have both classic and unconventional gelato flavours, all while preserving the craft of Italian gelato making. Ome constant is a good list of caffeinated options the likes of coffee, tea, and matcha. Plus plenty of chocolate offerings sprinkled in: chocolate banana, chocolate orange, grandma’s tiramisu, stracciatella with fine strands of drizzled chocolate stirred through, and even one with chocolate mini eggs were on the menu today.

During our visit, there was nothing too out there to report on. There were some flavours that peaked my interested, but with only one clerk behind the counter and a quick to form line behind us, I opted for what I knew instead.

We would get a couple of double scooped sugar cones. Whereas I would normally order based on colour and the promise of a nice photo, I decided to go for flavours I would enjoy instead.

We had the white chocolate with real toasted pistachio pieces and a floral lavender forward London fog. As well as a mellow roasted hojicha and the more fragrant Illy branded espresso.

Worth mentioning is that they also have 4 dairy free and plant based options, and coffee beverages for the opportunity to make things affogato.

If looking to visit in the near feature, be sure to do so on either April 19th and/or 20th for their birthday celebration, and to take advantage of promotions and specials.

All day long they will be doling out BOGO – buy one get one free scoops and $10 pints. And the first 100 guests will receive a VIG (very important gelato) card with an exclusive 20% off.

Their hours are:
SAT: 12pm – 11pm
SUN: 12pm – 10pm
MON: 4pm – 10pm
TUE – THU: 12pm – 10pm

Passione Gelato
55 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC V6B 0R3, Canada
+1 604-423-4099

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