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Pho Duy Restaurant

On this cold and crisp day we were craving something hot to help warm us inside and out. Indecision had us bouncing between soup and sandwiches or dip sum. Though ultimately we both agreed that pho was the way to go. However, our first choice was closed on Sunday, so this happened to be option number 2. A recommendation made to my host, by a friend that frequents the restaurant.

Many, like myself have driven pass this corner restaurant at the cross section of Kingsway and Victoria Drive, and have never thought to step foot inside. That is until today.

It doesn’t look like much from the exterior. Though in hindsight, you have to wonder, if it wasn’t worth visiting, how is it that they have managed to remain open for as long as they have?

The restaurant is run pretty casually. Seating is first come first serve. Everything you need is already set up at each table. A multiple of chopsticks and soup soups, squeeze bottle sauces, and scoop seasonings to help yourself to. And don’t bother asking for a menu, because there isn’t any. In fact, I tried requesting for one and was given an odd look in return. There is no need for a menu, because there are basically only 2 items you can order. Either beef or chicken (and the option to have either spicy).

As this was our first time, we ordered one of each and waited in anticipation for what would come before us. But did look around the room to note that everyone had Vietnamese coffees, so we ordered two, too. Though a server does come around with hot tea as well. This was a pretty standard offering.

Our bowls of pho were huge. Filled to the brim with broth, noodles, and onions. There was barely any room for the side of beansprouts and basil served separately.

Both chicken and beef warmed to the bone. There was so much depth of flavour to each. It wasn’t what you envisioned when you thought of pho, but it ate just as light and wholesome; with a lot more pepperiness.

The pieces of pale to yellow poultry in the chicken pho reminded me of hainanese chicken. It was as tender, but just needed the traditional garlic and green onion accompaniment to make the imagery complete.

Between the two, I did prefer the beef as I found the flavour more rich. The bowl had plenty of thin pieces of beef, as well as beef balls to maw through.

I have never had pho like this before and will definitely be craving for it after today.

Pho Duy Restaurant
1996 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5N 2S9
(604) 875-9740

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