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Pizza Rubato Napoletana

I am already familiar with Pizza Rubato, having been acquainted through one of Vancouver Foodster’s pizza crawls. And today I would get a more intimate look at their operations with a behind the counter tour of their pizza making process.

This was part of the Vancouver Foodster Art, Eat and Sip Mount Pleasant event, where ticket holders were on a self-guided tour of Mount Please; to explore food, drink, and art in the area (as the name suggests).

I am a fan of their pizza, and have been recommending them as the one to get for their light and bubbly crust. And after learning it only takes 90 seconds in their specialty pizza oven to achieve, I am all the more amazed.

We dawned aprons and were led to the back, just behind their glass counter for grab-and-go slices.

At their prepped pizza counter are pre-formed and risen balls of dough. Grabbing one, we learned how to roll it out with palms, creating a thin round. We even gave tossing and catching a try, which is as hard as you think it is.

Next, you have lots of decisions to make between red or white sauce and then the accompanying toppings. There is an order to it. With larger meats first, then smaller toppings sprinkled over. There is plenty of variety to choose from, between their counter top bins of cured and cooked meat, fresh chopped vegetables, a collection of sauces, and even a drawer of less seen ingredients like herbed potato slices, barbecue chicken, and a gorgonzola cheese crumble.

I won’t be going into detail on any one given type or style of pizza, as they can custom build to your preference. Although I will note some of the more unique toppings you don’t often find available like lemon, fig jam, crushed pistachio, and/or smoked salmon.

The sky is the limit, but if things seem overwhelming, you can also default to one of their tried and tested pizzas on the regular menu.

The amazing part is how quickly each one bakes in the specialty, open flame oven. A regulator 10” inch pizza cooks in under 90 seconds, a necessity as they get plenty of orders to have to fulfill online and in store.

In closing, I have never had a bad slice, and they continue to be the Neopolitain pizza I recommend.

Pizza Rubato Napoletana
561 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1E6
(604) 909-0773

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