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Please! Beverage Co., revisited

I am already familiar with and a fan of Please Beverage Co.’s line of ready to drink canned cocktails. Currently in bottles, soon to be canned for easier transport.

It has been a year since I originally visited their refreshing space with vaulted ceilings, bright colourful murals and the greenery to match. This has remained the same from their opening, and what has changed is their marketing approach. They have taken feedback and made improvements, and we would learn about them today.

What started out as their original core 4 flavours was packaged in a box set. A mix and match way to try all they were offering, all at one time. Since then they have repackaged this set into 3 flavours as a box of 6, putting vodka and gin base cocktails together, and separating the tequila. All of which makes a lot more sense consumption wise, all at 6.9% ABV for consistency, and all to be in cans. And each theme will have the same uniform art, instead of having each with its own. Raspberry, juniper, and mint; Mango, coconut, and pandan; Passionfruit, ginger, and calamansi.

As for their tequila option they will be doing more with agave, including special releases and margaritas with a higher ABV. So that is something to look out for.

As a brand their focus has always been an elevated option in the sparking soda sector, and we definitely agree that they have hit that goal. Their beverages are easy drinking and fruit forward, without being too sweet to hide any liquor flavour.

They have also changed the names of their products. Same beverages, but better spelled out. For example, instead of “mango sticky rice” it is now “Mango coconut and pandan”. This is done knowing that when in a liquor store you just want to know what you are getting, and naming a drink by its flavours is the easiest way to do just that.

We would have their Raspberry, juniper, and mint (formerly known as Raspberry Smash); Mango, coconut, and pandan (formerly known as Mango Sticky Rice); and Passionfruit, ginger, and calamansi right from the tap. Light and breezy, exactly how it is from the bottle and/or can.

If looking for something stronger they also have cocktails featuring their ready to drink products, majority of which are pre-mixed for easy dispensing.

I tried the Espresso Martini with their Coco Pandan Vodka, Liquor 43, Kahlua, and Cold Brew Coffee. A midday pick me up where you are able to taste the pandan and it leaves a pleasant coco-nutty cream on the lips.

Like they did with their drinks list, they also updated their food menu, adding more items and using more user friendly terminology for more general understanding. For example their “Manoush’eh” are now just called wraps.

We would focus our attention on their hot tapas items to share, all prepared by the cooks of Jamjar, Mediterranean cuisine; all complimentary to Please’s tropical drinks.

The Armenian Sausages are made with beef, garlic, paprika, and spices served with toum dressing. Each round was so flavourful that I wanted rice to help soak up some of the extra flavour, and needed tomato as a fresh element to cut into all that seasoning.

I preferred the Lebanese Sausages served with pomegranate molasses and pickled turnips. The sweetness of the dip helped to taper some of the gamey herbal spice of the lamb.

The Batata Harra was a nice starchy side to all the heavily seasoned and zesty meats. Deep fried potatoes tossed in spices, garlic, and cilantro; served with hot sauce. The heat of the chilli was barely even mild and didn’t add much flavour. On the bland side, a bite of any of the sausages above, chased with a nugget of potato was the way to go.

Similarly the Baked Halloumi also made a great base. Semi soft cheese, baked & topped with fresh tomatoes, mint and kalamata olives. Be sure to tackle this one first, any delay causes the cheese product to harden and become tough.

And the Seared Prawns was a favourite. Ocean wise prawns marinated in spices, cilantro, parsley, and ginger. Each was well seasoned tasty with a saucy grilled char.

In short it is great to see a local brand continue to grow and evolve, and I cannot wait to witness their success through summer as a great patio spot for food and drinks.

Please! Beverage Co.
222 W 5th ave, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 1J4

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