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Please! Beverage Co. Tasting Room

When I discovered that Vancouver has so many local distilleries making their own canned cocktails, I thought to myself why aren’t there more tasting rooms dedicated to them. Well Please! Beverage Co. heard my questions and promly responded with their very own.

Today, I was invited down to Please! Beverage Co.‘s brand new premium cocktail Tasting House in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighborhood.

Walking in I was already a fan of the brand. I discovered them at this year’s Feast cocktail road show and proceeded to buy one of their introductory 4 case cocktail box sets after only getting a sample. I was immediately drawn in by their mango sticky rice cocktail in a bottle and their green tea. Both delicious flavours I enjoy, made drinkable with a buzz.

Located in a former auto repair shop you would not be able to tell what once was, after stepping foot inside. The garage door rises for an open space energy, allowing fresh air and a patio feel to waft into the arena. All the work and design that has gone into the decor has completely transformed it.

At the entrance is their retail space that includes their favourite local products for grab and go sales, as well as their branded merchandise and cases of their cocktails.

But since you are here, you might as well move into their tasting room for a sit and a spill. Here, behind their handsome bar are shelves lined with jars of preserves and spices, a nod to all the real ingredients they dabble with to make their cocktails.

Please! Tasting House features a variety of premium crafted, small batch cocktails on tap, plus infused botanic spirits. Of which the former includes fan favourite flavours Mango Sticky Rice, Rhubarb Fizz, Green Tea Fizz, and Grapefruit Paloma.

Plus, the following only available at their tasting lounge: 4 new drink additions on tap. The Garden Social is a refreshing hard gin based iced tea. The Raspberry Smash is made with fresh mint and vodka. The Full Moon Party is a fun take on an energy drink. And the Strawberry Smash is a spiced vodka infused beverage.

All cocktails are locally made with natural ingredients, and are available by the 12oz glass or as a flight.

Looking for something less sweet? Guests are also able to sip on a variety of made in-house Botanic Spirits, crafted by soaking real, whole fruits in vodka and extracting the flavour, color, and essence of those ingredients. These vodka infused flavours include Mango, Strawberry, Osmanthus Flower, Coconut Pandan, Four Citrus, and Raspberry; all served with soda and ice, on the rocks, or neat.

I had to try the Coconut Pandan. This was a light and refreshing drink that was refreshing like water, but finishes thick and creamy in the mouth. The more I drank, the more flavour I got, and the more I liked it. And best of all there are no sugars in these spirits.

As for the food, they have chosen to pair their fresh and fruity cocktails with Middle Eastern cuisine. This is a collaboration with Jamjar Canteen and features their selection of dips, sides, and snacks. All of which pairs perfectly with Please! beverages.

We would get a taste of each, starting with a combination platter of all of their available dips, titled “have it all”. This included Zaatar Labneh, a pressed yogurt dip with fresh thyme, oregano, sumac, and sesame. This was my favourite for a heavy sour cream-esque vibe with chips. There was a spinach dip that was more finely minced spinach than cream, like with other such dips. This was prepared with only spinach, tahini, garlic, and lemon. Original humus with chickpeas, tahini, garlic, and lemon. And a fragrant roasted red pepper dip of tomato, onion, garlic, spices, roasted red pepper, and bread crumbs. Half the fun was being able to mix and match them all for different flavours on your choice of either crispy pita chips or the healthier cucumber option.

Looking for something much heartier? Grab one of their Manoush’eh, which is basically a wrap, available in 3 savoury and 1 sweet option.

The Bird’s Eye View is the most popular with Shawarma marinated chicken, pickles, mozzarella, and toum wrapped in freshly made flat-bread.

The Dirty offers more salt and flavour by way of bacon bits along with Macedonian feta, melted mozzarella, tomato, and mayo. It vaguely resembled a BLT, but in a wrap with the same tasty flat bread as the above.

However, I would recommend the vegan option, called “the purist”. This had a great cohesive Mediterranean flavour with more of the Zaatar with Labneh, mint, Kalamata olives, tomatoes, and cucumber.

And for dessert look to “the sweety”. Everything you want in a classic sundae over the malleable flat bread. Melted Nutella, banana, strawberry, and hazelnut rolled in freshly baked dough.

Our time concluded with a tour of their operations. A behind the scenes tasting of their bottled extractions and a revealing look at their inspiration. This summer we will be seeing bright and fruity beverages with acid. And in fall, can expect more savoury “sexy” flavours. As a teaser we got a taste of their buckwheat tincture and were hinted at an upside down cake.

In closing, for those who like a brewery feel for your watering hole, but don’t want something as heavy as beer; and/or like cocktails and flavoured drinks but not the sugar; Please! Beverage Co. will be your new go to. There is nothing else like them in Vancouver and they are definitely worth checking out.

Please! Beverage Co.
222 W 5th ave, Vancouver, BC, V5Y 1J4

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